Generating a first-class logo design for this building company

First Generation builders asked us to create a new logo that would reflect the key values of the company and represent the brand. We developed an F and G letter logo, with the logo mark element being the shape of a house. We then used this logo to create business cards, stationery, and signage.

Building company logo design with creative flair – we nailed it

First Generation Builders is a family-owned and operated business offering a range of building services, from new builds and renovations to decking and fencing. The team asked our Auckland graphic design company to create a new logo to represent their brand, with a focus on creativity and ensuring the logo reflected the quality of service they deliver on building projects.

Our designers wanted to create a logo mark that fitted in with the building industry, and that also incorporated the F and G initials of the company’s name. We brainstormed the logo mark, trying out various styles and designs before settling on one that worked perfectly.


Simple line style logo design for building company
Minimal logo design inspired by a house plan for a building company
The logo mark we created is in the shape of a house, with the outline featuring the letters F and G in a clever but subtle way.
Modern minimal letterhead design for building company

Building up the logo to complete the design for the brand package

With the F and G house-style logo mark complete, we moved on to the typeface for the company name. Our designers settled on a sans-serif typeface as the style fits in nicely with the logo mark. In terms of the colour palette, we kept this to a minimum to complete the overall design. The result is a logo that looks professional and is clearly from the residential building industry. It also has a sleek, architectural appearance.

Our project with First Generation Builders also included using the new logo we created to design a number of other marketing materials, including business cards, signage, and stationery.

Black and white building company business card design on wooden block

Building company letterhead and business card design

We maintained the minimalist appearance with the design of the business cards, with the logo featuring on the front of the card with a deep charcoal background. We reversed the colours on the other side, placing the logo on a white background in the top left corner to reinforce the branding message. The typeface used for the contact information was chosen to match the typeface used in the logo.

We maintained the sleek, architectural, and minimalist style in the design of the company’s letterhead and signage, ensuring consistency of style and design.

With our expertise in home building and renovation company logo design, we can help with the branding in your business, whether you need a full brand package or just a logo. Get in touch today to find out more.

Home renovation company logo design

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