Transforming data into design for an annual report

Multiple spreads of open annual report page design for a pacific organisation

Weaving infographics, motifs and imagery to create a pacific annual report design

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP), is the principal advisor on policies and interventions aimed at improving outcomes for Pacific Peoples. They approached us to design their annual report. The Pacific annual report design needed to be inclusive of all cultures they support as well as creating a corporate layout. We achieved this by applying pacific motifs and full-page treatments of photos that were diverse in cultures.

With a wealth of data to be presented, our NZ design agency incorporated infographic design to visually communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner. To maintain a cohesive and vibrant look, we integrated pacific motifs throughout the different sections of the pacific annual report design to align with MPP’s brand identity. To ensure readability, we utilised clean and corporate typography and a bright colour palette in the design. The use of infographics helped break down complex data into easily understandable visuals, making the report more engaging and accessible to readers. The final design help create a connection with the readers and reinforce the client’s mission to make a positive impact in Pacific communities.

Stacks of an annual report featuring a pacific motif on the cover
Open booklet design of an annual report with custom infographic design
Tiled annual report booklets with pacific information
Page design with information and data for a pacific annual report
Annual report open displaying pacfic motif and strong imagery

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