Passing the logo redesign test for this laboratory testing company

LabTests needed to differentiate its logo from its Australian parent company ahead of the business being sold. We created a design that was connected with the previous logo to ease the transition for customers but was also unique. We also created brand guidelines and other marketing materials.

Creating a lab testing logo in our very own branding and design lab

LabTests is a brand of Healthscope, the largest pathology provider in NZ. Its parent company was Healthscope Australia. LabTests had the same logo as its Australian owners, but the company was being sold. Therefore, it needed a new logo design to differentiate it from the previous brand.

The company wanted the rebrand to be limited in scope as it has a large footprint in New Zealand, covering 75 percent of the market. It wanted the transition to the new logo and brand to be seamless for customers to ensure they knew it was the same company and the same people involved. As a result, the only thing they wanted to change was the circular component of their existing logo. With our creative and strategic graphic design NZ Lab Tests now have an exciting new brand in place.



Logo redesign in NZ, the before


Logo redesign in NZ, the after
Pathology logo on white signage
Sealed bag for lab testing NZ

The cultured rabbit and the petri dish

Our NZ design agency focused on one of the main unique selling points and benefits of the LabTests offering – the strong geographic coverage the company has. It covers the whole country and has over 140 collection centres. We also wanted to tie this in with the company’s services – carrying out tests in a laboratory.

Our design concept was to use small circles to resemble cells in a petri dish being looked at under a microscope, shaping those cells as a map of New Zealand. Everything else about the design of the logo stayed the same, including the circular shape of the logo mark, the colours, and the typeface.

Lanyard with swipe card featuring logo design for a diagnostics lab
Open brand guidelines for a company that does lab testing in the medical field
The design we created for LabTests clearly displays its credentials in the New Zealand market while causing minimal customer disruption during the rebranding process.
Medical laboratory logo on a letterhead and envelope with orange sticker

Medical laboratory logo design

In many respects, redesigning an element of a logo presents more challenges than doing a complete redesign. However, our team has extensive experience, so they were able to create a design that met all the requirements of the customer, including maintaining the connection between customers and the brand. We also developed other marketing materials based on the updated logo, including letterheads, envelopes, and signage.

Diagnostic lab logo design and branding guidelines

Branding consistency is important in all situations, but it is particularly important for companies like LabTests that operate NZ-wide and have lots of moving parts. So, we developed a brand guidelines manual for the team that they can use as a reference when creating future marketing materials. If you need medical laboratory logo design services, please get in touch with us today.

NZ shaped logo design on clear glass sign

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