Logo design with blades of glory

Simple business card design featuring a grass blade logo

The grass is always greener with a grass logo design

Lifestyle Lawns is a top supplier of high-quality, realistic artificial grass. They came to our design agency wanting a logo that would stand out and resonate with their premium market audience.

To achieve this, we crafted a minimalistic, high-end grass logo design to represent their cutting-edge products and services. To achieve this, we designed a logo incorporating several grass blades, subtly nodding to their industry. These blades are sleek and modern, symbolising both the natural look and the advanced technology behind their products. The typeface chosen is contemporary and clean, exuding sophistication and simplicity. It complements the logomark, reinforcing Lifestyle Lawns’ identity as a provider of top-tier artificial grass.

The grass blade logo’s versatility ensures it works across various materials and touchpoints. Whether on business cards, badges or uniforms, the grass supplier logo maintains its high-end appeal and clarity.


Lawns designed in a logo mark treatment on a green background
Logomark of grass designed for an artifical grass supplier business on a green background
Logomark of green grass designed for an artifical grass supplier business
Green lockup of a logo for an artificial lawns supplier company
Top view of badges featuring a green logomark
Dark tote bag with a logo for a grass supplier business
Tshirt design for a grass supplier company

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