Striking a chord with business cards for musicians

Musician business card design

These double layer business cards with gold foil print are music to the eyes

The NZ Session Collective is a unique directory of talented musicians available for hire, and they sought our assistance in creating luxurious business cards with a sleek design. Leveraging our expertise, we developed a printing finish that would be both unique and eye-catching. The result was a duplex business card (double layers) with gold foil print for the accents.

We carefully selected the materials and printing techniques to ensure a premium and luxurious look for the musician’s business card. The double sandwich layer provided a substantial and durable feel, while the gold foil added a touch of elegance and sophistication. The sleek design of the business cards was created to reflect the professionalism and talent of the musicians represented by The NZ Session Collective.



Business cards before our redesign took place
before and after brand refresh


Gold foil business cards in NZ
Luxurious business card printing

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