Duplex business cards in NZ

Duplex business cards are such a simple concept, but they offer so many design and creativity possibilities, particularly when in the hands of our expert designers and printers. The process involves binding two cardstocks together, both of which can be the same, or they can be different. Start ordering today.
  • High-quality, thick cardstock
  • Vibrant full colour printing
  • Choose from two types of cardstocks
  • No impact on the card’s other side

Cream and green double layered business cards in NZ

Double the card, double the luxury, double the impact

Duplex business cards are double-layered, opening up a whole new world of opportunities in business card design. For example, you can have an embossed feature on one side of your duplex business cards without having any impact on the other side. If you did the same with a standard business card, the reverse side would have an imprint. You also have design options with textures, colours, and more.

Red and white duplex business cards in Wellignton

Attention-grabbing double layered business cards

The process we use for creating duplex business cards is to laminate and bind two cardstocks together. Those cardstocks can be the same, or you can choose two different types. This creates some obvious results, including the fact your business card will be thicker and more solid and sturdy than standard options.

Black and white double layered business cards in NZ

The design options with layered business cards

It’s not just about adding weight, though, as you have more design options available when you go double layered. Embossing is one of the most popular. When you emboss a single-layer business card, the reverse side has an indent. You won’t have this with a double-layered business card, so you can have a two-sided design and embossed features.

Choosing a textured cardstock for one side and a smooth cardstock for the other is another option you can choose. Mixing up the colours can also create a striking effect that adds personality, where you have a colour on one side and white on the other. Plus, you can mix and match all the above to get the visual appearance and texture that you want, from bold and bright designs to subtler options.

Adding tactile effects to your thick business cards

Duplex cards also make it possible to add different tactile features to your business card. For example, you can have one side with a rough, grainy texture and the other side with a texture that is silky smooth.

In addition, double-layered business cards are also exceptionally emphasised when combined with our elegant finishes like foil, painted edges, embossing, and rounded corners. All these possibilities offer the potential to create a business card that has maximum impact.

Blue and black duplex business cards in Auckland

Why not have three?

And why stop with two layers when you can have three! Yep, we also offer three-layer sandwich business cards in NZ if you want a card that packs even more punch. In the world of business cards, three isn’t a crowd – with three you will stand out from the crowd!

Blue and pink double layered business cards in NZ
Grey and orange sandwhich business cards in NZ

Duplex business card printing

Our team is here to help you get the perfect design for your duplex business cards, plus we have the expertise and equipment to ensure the highest standards of production. Rounding it all off, you’ll get free shipping when you order from us.

Custom design

Our expert designers will create a tailored design that will make your business card stand out.

High-quality printing

We use the latest printing technologies to create striking colours and the perfect business card finish.

Premium materials

We make all of our custom business cards from the best materials, with quality guaranteed.

Free delivery

Delivery is available anywhere in New Zealand, and it’s free, regardless of your order quantity.

Our clients say we rock

My new business cards are so beautiful. I’ve been handing them out to everyone just to show off! Really great communication too. They got to know my business so they could create something that suits our vibe perfectly!

We used White Rabbit for everything for our business from initial logo designs through to business cards, websites and our first annual general report. They’re even saved under my favourites in my phone cause I call them so much. They’re always happy to help and always make time to talk even when I’m quite possibly being a nuisance!

Thank you so much White Rabbit! They did a fabulous job at designing a gorgeous logo, stylish business cards and user-friendly website that perfectly suits my business. Simon was an incredible delight to work with as he communicated clearly through the entire process and made sure that my dream was fulfilled.


Our process

The process begins by placing your order for duplex business cards, outlining the design features that you want to be included.

We’ll create designs that include the ideas that you want. The design will then be sent back for you to provide remarks and feedback.

Our printers get to work creating your duplex business cards, mounting the cardstocks together, and printing your design.

Finally, we will carry out a quality inspection to ensure your business cards are perfect before shipping them to your location.

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