Making mushroom packaging design to spore sales

Contemporary mushroom packaging design

Fungi-licious mushroom illustrations and packaging design

Oak & Spore, a company that specialises in mushroom growing kits, sought a fresh look for their mushroom packaging design to boost sales in stores. The previous packaging was cluttered and lacked visual appeal, failing to capture attention at first glance. To address this, our team took a modern approach to this mushroom packaging redesign, focusing on mushroom illustrations, typography and heading styles to create a visual hierarchy that would allow customers to easily digest information when browsing the shelves.

We carefully selected fonts that were modern, clean, and easy to read, ensuring that the product name and key information stood out. Heading styles were also used strategically to create visual cues that drew the eye to important details, such as the type of mushroom included in the kit and the growing instructions. We created unique mushroom illustrations that visually represented the end product, giving customers a clear idea of what they could expect. These illustrations were designed in a minimalist style, using a limited colour palette that complemented the overall aesthetic of the packaging.

The new mushroom packaging design allowed customers to quickly and easily understand the contents of the kit, the type of mushroom they could grow, and how to do it. This helped Oak & Spore’s products stand out on the shelves, grabbing the attention of potential buyers and increasing the likelihood of purchase.


before and after brand refresh


White carton plant packaging design with illustrations
Light brown button mushroom illustration
Custom mushroom packaging design with clean text and illustrations
Brown line style portobello mushroom illustration
Mushroom packaging design in NZ

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