Looking to the future with a home brochure design

Cover of a trifold brochure with modern design

Creating a strong impression through a sleek and modern brochure

JNJ Homes approached us to create a modern trifold brochure showcasing their home-building services. They were after a high-end look to create a trustworthy and strong first impression.

We carefully selected high-quality images from their portfolio and incorporated a blue colour scheme throughout the home brochure design, creating a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic. We also paid close attention to the layout and typography to ensure readability and understanding. We used a clean and modern font that complemented the overall design and ensured the text was well-organised, concise, and engaging. The final sleek and modern brochure effectively showcases their home-building services in a tangible way.


Open trifold displaying home builds in a modern design layout
Cover of a trifold brochure with modern design
Complete spread of a home brochure design with modern and sleek branding and colours
Open modern trifold displaying homes on a brochure

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