Casting a net with a targeted financial services brochure

We created a professional brochure and website for financial services company IPC FinanceNet to highlight the services it offers to Subway franchisees. The design of the brochure and website helped to showcase this company's expertise and how that expertise applied to this specific group of customers.

Made fresh just the way you like it

Subway is known for making filled sandwiches according to the tastes of individual customers – cheese or no cheese, toasted or not toasted, whatever fillings you want, etc. Financial services company IPC FinanceNet wanted to do something similar with its new brochure. Instead of creating something generic, the team at IPC FinanceNet asked us to design a brochure tailored to Subway franchisees.

The objective of the project was to create a brochure that would highlight financial solutions that are specifically applicable to people and businesses owning Subway franchises. This design would then be transferred to the company’s website to ensure consistency of message.

Modern bifold brochure design
Finance bifold brochure open

The secret sauce for financial services brochure design

IPC FinanceNet were looking for expert brochure design in Auckland, and a team that could help them to create some compelling brochures.

The brochure we created for IPC FinanceNet had to be professional, and it needed a strong sales message. We used a blue palette, duotone colour design, and modern icons to establish trust and present the company as an authority in its field. We also used Subway imagery to highlight the tailored nature of the solutions being offered and to appeal to the target audience.

This use of colour, along with the page layout, ensured the information stood out. We also further highlighted key sales messages, as well as the contact details, to encourage readers to take the next step, i.e., making contact with IPC FinanceNet to find out more information.

Subway brochure design layout
The layout of the important information in this finance brochure helps potential customers build up a clear picture of the tailored nature of the solutions being offered.

Maintaining consistency with financial services website design

The style our team created in the modern bifold brochure design was then translated to IPC FinanceNet’s website design. This helped maintain branding and messaging consistency. The colour scheme and the layout of the content also works very well on all sizes of screen, with the key messages again being focal points to attract the eye.

Our design agency in Auckland has extensive experience designing brochures and websites for companies in the financial services industry. This includes highly targeted designs like this Subway franchisee brochure. To discuss your finance brochure or website design requirements, please get in touch.

Finance services website design in blue and white
Subway restaurant website design

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