Cooking up a new menu design for neighbourhood cafe

We were asked by the popular Neighbourhood Kitchen eatery to design new menus. We took inspiration from their brand colours and natural setting to create menus that are modern, attractive, and easy to read.

Perfecting the design ingredients for two new menus

Neighbourhood Kitchen is a friendly and comfortable local restaurant/cafe located in a relaxed and natural setting. It is a popular place for lunch, as well as for meals and snacks at other times of the day. The company was updating its menu, so it asked us to create the designs.

Our Auckland graphic design company created the two new menus using inspiration from the natural setting of the business, as well as its delicious food.


Top view of two menus featuring modern design for a restaurant
Menu placed with table cutlery featuring green branding elements and modern font for a restaurant
Forest green is a key component of the Neighbourhood Kitchen brand. We used this colour to great effect, creating a striking contrast with the white background.
Menu stand placed on an angle displaying food items for a restaurant in NZ

Adding the finishing touches to this green menu design

The forest green colours used on the new menus make a firm connection with the brand, but menu design in NZ also has to be user-friendly. The layout we created makes the menus easy to follow and read, whether you are looking at lunch options, snacks, or desserts.

Finally, we selected a modern typeface that is comfortable when reading, so doesn’t cause any distractions from the most important elements of the menus – the descriptions of the delicious dishes.

Menu placed on a white plate showing dessert items for a modern restaurant
Menu stand placed on a table displaying food items for a restaurant

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