Wait 'till u c this construction logo and its unique design

For building company Under Construction, we designed a new logo using a logomark that features the letters U and C. We also developed multiple versions of the logo to ensure it is adaptable to all situations and materials.

Getting under the surface to construct this new logo

Under Construction is a respected building company that specialises in new builds, renovations, and rural construction projects. It wanted a new logo that would reflect the expertise and extensive experience that the company offers.

Our Auckland design agency created a logo concept that is at the same time bold and clever, incorporating the initials of the company name to create a logomark. This logomark is clearly a U and C, but it also takes the shape of a construction frame or house.


Clever u c letters blue logo design

Using U and C letters to design a blue construction logo

As well as the U and C logomark, we also used a strong sans serif typeface for the company name. The colour palette our designers selected included blue and black. The logomark, typeface, and colour palette combined creates a dominant logo that reflects honesty, professionalism, and reliability. The design also clearly reflects the construction industry, ensuring maximum impact for the company.

While designing the logo, we also considered where the logo would be used, so we ensured the design was as versatile as possible. For example, the logo is just as striking on a black background with white text as it is on a white background with black text. The blue logomark is effective in both variations, providing the company with multiple options when it comes to using the logo.

Clever u c letters forming a circle logo for a construction company
In addition to the horizontal version of the logo, we also created a circular option, with the logomark in the centre and the company name wrapped around it like a badge.
Construction helmet displaying the logo mark of a construction company at the front
Billboard sign showcasing a blue and black construction logo

Blue renovation and new build construction company branding

With the logo design created, our designers began applying it on a range of promotional materials. This included on building signage, as well as vehicle graphics. On the company’s vehicles, we made effective use of the blue from the colour palette to make the logo stand out even further.

We also created coasters with the circular version of the logo and other marketing materials.

We can use our expertise to create a new logo for your brand too. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Black vehicle on an angle with a wrap design consisting of a blue construction logo
Company stationery coasters with a blue letters logo for a construction business

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