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BMW asked us to design business cards that they would give to their VIP customers. The design we created fitted perfectly with the reputation of BMW, as the cards had a refined, luxurious, and desirable appearance backed up by high-quality materials that added substance to the effect.

Our bunnies were in the driving seat for this business card design project

BMW is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing and selling some of the finest cars globally. When the time came to create a new business card for their VIP clientele, they turned to White Rabbit for our top-tier business card design services in NZ. Our designers understood the prestigious nature of the brand and the type of individuals who would be receiving one of these VIP cards. So, they knew the design we created had to be not only exceptional, but also in keeping with one of the best-known brands in the country.

We designed unique and fully bespoke, white metal VIP business cards that were sleek, polished, and refined to present an exceptionally high-end look that would make a connection with recipients.


Matt white metal business cards in Auckland
We used the best natural stainless steel for BMW's new VIP cards, coating them with a white finish that matched the brand style.
Metal membership cards in blue paper sleeve

Designing sophisticated matt white stainless steel business cards

The stainless-steel material used to create the new metal membership cards for BMW feel weighty in your hand. That in itself enhances the luxuriousness of the cards. We took this a step further, though, by adding a bright, silky white finish that feels like soft satin on your fingertips.

It doesn’t matter how long you keep the card in your fingertips, though, as the finish doesn’t show fingerprints. It is also highly durable, so the white coating won’t easily chip or wear off, maintaining the high-quality appearance of the card long into the future. The design we created was minimalist, with clear writing and subtle but effective brand messaging.

Shiny matt white stainless steel card on an angle

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The visual design further enhanced the luxuriousness and sophistication of these new VIP cards. That design included visual elements and text that reflect the German engineering that is synonymous with BMW and the reputation of the brand as being a drivers’ car. This, along with the overall design of the custom metal business cards, will create a lasting impression.

To complete this project, we also designed a minimalist presentation folder to hold the custom membership cards. This folder used the striking blue of the BMW brand, providing a fantastic contrast to the silky white surface of the cards.

At White Rabbit, we have extensive experience creating business cards in all styles, with various finishes, materials, and even shapes. This includes matt white metal business cards like those we designed for BMW. Get in touch today.

White metal business cards for BMW

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