Using refined techniques to design a new logo for Refined Marketing

Refined Marketing asked us to create a new logo and business cards that would represent their brand and enhance their identity in the market. Our designers decided to create a wordmark logo by applying a creative twist to the letter "e" in the first word of the company's name. The result is a modern and memorable logo.

Engaging, exciting, ear-resistible use of the letter E for this new logo

Refined Marketing provides marketing services to various clients. Its brand image is essential to its success, so its logo had to be as creative, interesting, and memorable as possible. The team at Refined Marketing asked us to create a logo that delivered on all these requirements. With the brief we were provided with, our designers decided the best approach would be to create a wordmark logo.

Wordmark logos are memorable, so they are excellent for boosting brand recognition, particularly in highly competitive industries. They also have character and timeless appeal. For Refined Marketing, we focused on the letter E.

White and blue marketing company logo design

A refined rabbit producing a refined logo for this marketing company

The letter E was the perfect choice because it appears as the second and second to last letter in the word “refined”. This creates excellent symmetry, and it provided our designers with a good level of scope when designing the wordmark. The aim was to produce a filter-like effect with a custom icon to replace the letter Es while ensuring the word remained legible.

We achieved this in our final design with the use of three horizontal straight lines. Those lines have the same letter stroke thickness as the typeface, as well as the same unique characteristics (such as the slope at the end of the lines). This produced a wordmark with an unmistakeable creative flair.

Custom company letterhead design in NZ

With the wordmark created for the logo, we used a bold typeface and a vibrant blue colour palette to complete the design in a way that fully represents the brand.

Modern blue and white business cards

Designing digital marketing agency logos with creative flair

The logo we created for Refined Marketing demonstrates cleverness, modern thinking, and approachability, characteristics that are important to the brand. We then used this logo to design new business cards for the company. This included adding the logo to the front of the card with a strong blue background and white typeface. The effect is striking.

White and blue corporate business card design

The reverse side of the business cards has a white background with the contact information printed using the blue colour palette. We also added illustrated icons to highlight each contact element. A connection was kept with the logo, too, with the redesigned letter E shape featuring in the top right corner of the card.

Marketing company sign design on corner of building

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Laptop and iPhone displaying a responsive website for a marketing company
Marketing website design showing blue icons on an iPad screen

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