Creating a blooming great consultancy brand logo

As DTK and Associates operates in a niche market, we wanted to design a logo that fully represented who the company is and what it does. We achieved this by creating a logo based on the Pohutukawa. This design was then used as the foundation for the typographic website that we developed.

Creating a Pohutukawa logo for this respected brand

DTK and Associates provide public administration research and consultancy services. In taking on the project, our designers wanted to bring the brand to life with the design of the new logo. We quickly settled on using the Pohutukawa flower as the central element, given its symbolic prominence in New Zealand and suitability for companies that serve organisations in the public sector.

Our design agency in NZ spent time studying the characteristics of the Pohutukawa flower ahead of designing the logomark. We wanted it to be instantly recognisable with a sleek, simple, and unique appearance.

White and red flower logo on a black background for a consulting company
Flower logo with bold text for the name
red and white flower logo with bold text for the name
To get the perfect symmetry for the logo, and to ensure it could be used as widely as possible, we designed the image of the Pohutukawa flower so it could be contained inside a circle.
Business card on display with a black and red flower logo
Monoline style flower logo mark on a red background

Establishing a point of difference with an animated flower logo

To design the Pohutukawa flower, our team started by creating the leaves and worked up to produce the other elements, using lines and dots to reflect the appearance of this well-known New Zealand flower. We also matched the colour palette to the Pohutukawa flower, using a Pohutukawa-style red.

For the company name, we opted for a bold typeface, using the DTK as the focal point. The “and Associates” part of the brand name was then added underneath, using smaller letters to perfectly fit the space. To finish off the colour palette, we used black as a sophisticated contrast to the Pohutukawa red.

Finally, and to add an extra layer of uniqueness, we animated the logo to create a sense of the flower blooming and then moving in the breeze. The logo animation was then used on the website that we designed, further setting the brand apart from its competition.

Backlit sign on display with a Monoline style flower logo mark
Modern business cards with a shaped corner cut for a government consultancy company
Number of stickers spread out showing a flower design for a consultant brand

Government consultant web design to create a stunning typographic website

In designing the new website for DTK and Associates, we maintained consistency with the logo. As the WordPress website design would feature a lot of written information that the target audience would be interested in reading, we took a typographic approach to the design of the website’s pages, elevating the focus on the text.

While we added touches of red, there is also plenty of whitespace throughout the website, enhancing the design in addition to making the text easy to read. The final stage of the project involved creating an email signature for the team to use, where we again implemented the black and red design style.

Dark looking home page layout for a consultant firm
Services website page featuring red custom icons for a consultant
Contact page of a consultants website featuring dark background and clean layout

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