Creating a super fly geometric bird logo

Logo design of a bird made with geometric elements on a green background

We took a geometric approach to produce Transcription Online’s logo, business card and website design

Transcription Online is a versatile transcription services provider spanning across various industries. They reached out to us seeking a strong brand identity starting with a transcription company logo design. We wanted to connect the service of the company to a logo with a unique brand mark that would seamlessly extend to the design of their business card and website.

We embarked on a creative journey where we transformed the concept of a bird into a powerful symbol for transcription. Just as a bird meticulously picks up and conveys sounds from its environment, Transcription Online captures and translates spoken words into written text. The design of the geometric bird logo design was paired with a forest green and orange to symbolise the innovative nature of the company.

We took a minimalist approach to the business card design. This allowed the geometric bird logo to serve as the focal point creating a memorable brand. The use of white space allows the details to stand out on the geometric bird business card. To align Transcription Online’s digital presence with their dynamic brand, we designed a one-page website. The user-friendly transcription web design featured clean layouts with a consistent colour scheme, complementing the brand’s identity. The responsive design ensures a seamless experience on various devices. The side menu gives the user a smooth navigation experience, allowing easy access to essential sections like services, about us and contact. The creation of a strong brand identity for Transcription Online has poised them for success in their competitive landscape.

Bird logo created with geometric elements
Logo design for a transcription company
USB flash drive with a logo printed for a transcription company
Tote bag hanging off a door handle displaying a geometric bird logo
Business cards promoting a company specialising in transcription services
Stacks of business cards with a geometric bird logo featured on the front
Phone screen showing transcription services on the design of a modern website
Large monitor showcasing web design with transcription services
Tablet screen displaying responsive design for a company promoting transcription services
Window signage displaying a bird logo for a transcription company

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