Turning logo dreams into reality for this local cafe

The owners of Little Dream Cafe wanted a logo that reflected their style, brand, in-cafe ambiance, and menu. We created a cute, personal logo with a bird mascot. We then used this logo to redesign their menu, cups, takeaway packaging, and a range of marketing materials.

Sweet dreams make logos like these, who am I to disagree…

The Little Dream Cafe has a clear identity that sets it apart from the competitive cafe and restaurant industry. It is relaxed, whimsical, and imaginative, and is enjoyed by all walks of life in Parnell. The company was after an Auckland logo design company that would reflect these characteristics within the brand design.

We started the process by designing a new mascot for the brand that would form part of the logo. The image is a stylish, chilled-out bird with hand drawn qualities. We then paired this design with a font for part of the company name in a style that looks handwritten.

cute logo with a bird illustration for a cafe business
The branding we created makes an instant connection with customers that this cafe is a friendly, relaxed, and welcoming place to spend time in.

Attractive cafe and coffee shops branding and logo design

A soothing, pastel blue colour completed the logo, creating a unique design that is warm, friendly, calm, gentle, creative, and relaxing – all words that could be used to describe Little Dream Cafe! It is a logo that will appeal to everyone, from people looking for a kickstart to their day before heading into the city, to friends enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon.

With the logo completed, we were able to use it to design coffee shop items and marketing materials for Little Dream Cafe. This included staff aprons and a new menu that included the logo and brand colour scheme.

Barista wearing a blue cafe apron with cute branding on the pocket
Menu branding and design on a standing blue clipboard for a new cafe
Cute cafe logo designed and placed on a packaging cup and takeout bag

Establishing a coffee shop brand identity

We also designed new coffee cups for use in the cafe, as well as takeaway cups and takeaway food packaging, all of which featured the new logo. The logo design is highly effective and memorable when printed on these items.

We updated Little Dream Cafe’s signage, too, and we created new marketing materials, including business cards.

We translated the logo into the digital space as well, adding it to their social media pages. If you are looking for new cafe branding or logo design, get in touch with the team at White Rabbit today. We can make your logo dreams come true too.

Brand logo and identity on a coffee shop mug
Top view of cafe items with its logo identity on a plate
Window signage containing cute cafe branding

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