Dressing a kids clothing brand in colour

Colourful logo designed for a kids clothing brand

Our bunnies were over the rainbow designing a colourful wordmark logo

Coloury is an upcoming kids clothing brand that aims to provide the best quality clothing in a range of colours. They asked us to create a logo design that would reflect their fun and playful nature.

Our NZ design agency achieved this aesthetic by designing a colourful wordmark logo. Each letter has been crafted in a block style with round corners to present a geometric and inviting look. The kids clothing logo features a range of bright colours to resemble the fun and playful nature of Coloury. The custom lettering and colours help create a foundation of elements that can be utilised for future collateral for the kids clothing brand to create a strong presence in stores and online.


Kids brand logo design with bright and pastel colours applied
Logomark in the shape of a c coloured in blue for a kids branding project
Clothing brand design for kids displayed on a tag on a shopping bag
Clothing tag with a colour wordmark logo attached to pink fabric
Sticker roll containing colourful stickers for a kids clothing branding project
Logo design in wordmark form with lots of colour placed on a business card in a fun geometric setting
Paper tube with colourful design for clothing packaging

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