Doing the robot with illustrations for a robotics tech company

The team at robotics specialist Rocos asked us to create illustrations of robots that would be used on their website and on other media. The aim of the illustrations was to help explain the service the company offers. Our designers created effective isometric illustrations that delivered on the client’s objectives.

Bunnies drawing 3D robots for an advanced technology company

Rocos operates in an emerging technology sector – robotics. It provides a platform to robotics companies and organisations in other industries that use robots and autonomous vehicles to perform essential processes and operations. The Rocos platform connects with fleets of robots and helps operators to control and monitor each individual unit and the overall fleet.

As it is a new technology in an emerging field, demonstrating how the process works and showing the benefits is essential to growing the Rocos business. This is why they came to the graphic design team at White Rabbit – to create custom illustrations that would show the platform in action in a tangible and accessible way.


Isometric illustration for robotics company
Our designers created accurate representations of robots to help connect with the target audience and demonstrate the advanced knowledge of Rocos.

Bringing the robots to life with isometric vector illustrations

The brief was to create isometric illustrations that would showcase the Rocos platform in action and in 3D when displayed on 2D media, such as a website. To make the robot representations accurate, we included key elements in the design taken from physical robot products. The level of detail we went into enhanced the illustrations, right down to the tyre treads on the wheels and buttons on the control panels.

We also applied the brand’s colour palette to each of the robots, maintaining the technical and futuristic appearance of the bright green and navy-blue colours. Each illustration also had an element of charm to make them relatable and appealing to viewers.

Isometric robot illustrations

Explaining advanced technology products in fun and engaging ways

As these were isometric illustrations presented in vector form, they could be used in a range of locations. This includes animated elements on the Rocos website and on call-to-action banners. They became a central part of the company’s branding and marketing assets, helping to bridge the gap between the challenges faced by those involved in using robots in real-life situations and the capabilities of the Rocos platform. The effect was much better than using text or simple two-dimensional images.

Isometric hero illustration on website homepage

The benefits of isometric illustrations in your business

Isometric illustrations are a common feature in some NZ industries, but there are others where their use is minimal. This project demonstrates the power that isometric illustrations can have, as they made the benefits and features of this software platform instantly tangible and understandable. To discuss your requirements, get in touch today.

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