Setting the stage with interior design logo design

Nova Interiors asked us to design a new logo that would represent its interior design brand. We created a logo that fitted with the style of interiors they create, while also standing out.

The right tone and style with interior design logo design

Nova Interiors specialises in providing home staging services when properties are put up for sale in the Queenstown area. They make homes look as good as possible, with furniture and furnishings that have a classic look in a modern style, as well as hints of character.

The new logo our design agency was creating for Nova Interiors had to be effective not only on marketing materials and business collateral, but also in these staged property settings.


Interior design company's logo and branding featuring elegant typefaces
Typography applied to an interior design company

Taking a typographic approach with interior design branding

Nova Interiors were on the hunt for Auckland logo design services that could elevate their business’s brand image. The logo we developed needed to fit in with the interiors the company creates while at the same time displaying a strong and recognisable brand presence that would attract new customers. We selected a typographic approach to achieve this and to also reflect Nova Interiors’ design style.

White door hanging signage with an interior designer brand displayed on the front
Showroom signage displaying an elegant logo for an interior design brand

Elegant logo design for an interior design company

We started with an elegant typeface for the word Nova that is both strong and reassuring. This was paired with a scripted typeface for the word Interiors to soften up the look and also add a level of sophistication.

The colour we chose for the new logo was a neutral grey that looks stunning in just about all interior design settings. The overall effect is a timeless brand identity that makes Nova Interiors stand out.

White mug on a neutral background emphasising the branding of an interior designer

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