Planting seeds, nurturing relationships with horticulture logo design

XFloreo operates in the horticulture industry. It wanted a new logo that was fresh and clean, and that would represent its values as a brand. We created a geometric design for the logo before using it to create new business cards, letterheads, and other marketing materials.

Keeping our Rabbits away from the crops with this logo design project

XFloreo provides horticulture and orchard management services to growers to achieve maximum yield and premium results. They asked us to design a new logo with a minimalist appearance that was both clean and fresh. It also had to represent the key aspects of the brand and help customers connect the logo design with the services the company provides.

Our graphic design company in Auckland developed a creative geometric logo design using geometric forms and custom grid systems. The concept we produced is an abstract representation of a crop that we designed in a way to also look like an X, the first letter in the company’s name. The colour palette, with the use of green, also makes a connection to the horticulture industry.


Modern geometric logo design
Green horticulture logo design
Signage for orchard management company's logo design

Adding an X-factor to this geometric company logo

The geometrically designed logo mark is simple and balanced. It is also recognisable, so it makes a connection with the services that XFloreo provides. It is clear, precise, and innovative, too, all of which are characteristics that are also central to the brand and the services that XFloreo offers to customers. This clarity and preciseness can be seen in the selected font, which is simple but modern and effective.

The result is a logo design that has a timeless appeal, so it will be relevant to customers of XFloreo for years to come. It provided the perfect foundation for the other marketing materials that the company required.

Green and white business cards
The creative and geometrically designed X establishes trust and demonstrates XFloreo's exacting standards and professionalism.
Custom printed promotional calendars for businesses

Horticulture company business cards and other marketing elements

The logo that we developed for XFloreo was used as the base for the design of their new business cards. Our team kept that design minimal, clean, and fresh to meet the requirements of the brief and to ensure consistency of design.

The design features the new logo on one side. The contact details are displayed on the reverse side along with the geometric logo mark. We also added a crisp horizontal and vertical line to represent the rows that feature in orchards and other horticulture settings. Finally, the selected typeface maintains the crisp appearance and modern look.

We also designed other marketing and promotional tools for XFloreo, including a new letterhead and calendar. To find out more about company logos with geometric shapes, please get in touch with us at White Rabbit today.

Professional custom letterhead design and printing

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