Galloping through this horse stud booklet design

Cover of a horse booklet design

Crafting a horse newspaper design that’s a canter above the rest

Windsor Park Stud, a prominent producer of high-quality horse riding experiences, approached us to design their annual booklet for their esteemed customer base. The challenge was to create a visually appealing and easy-to-read horse booklet design that conveyed their passion for horses and their commitment to excellence.

The horse booklet was intended to be printed on large sheets of paper, essentially making it a horse newspaper. We began by organising the content in a newspaper-style layout, using columns and colour blocks to create a clear structure. This allowed for easy navigation and readability, ensuring that readers could quickly access the information they were interested in. We opted for a classic and timeless combination of navy, white, and grey, which provided a simple and sophisticated look. The use of navy added a touch of elegance, while the white and grey provided a clean and fresh backdrop for the content. Imagery played a crucial role in the booklet, as it helped to showcase the beauty and grace of the horses. We carefully selected high-quality images to enhance the overall aesthetic of the booklet.

The newspaper-style layout, colour palette, and attention to imagery ensured that the booklet was not only visually appealing, but also engaging and informative for their valued customers.


Inside spread of horse newspaper design
Annual booklet design in NZ
Modern and clean newspaper design

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