Serving up a logo and app design for a new food delivery app

Tech company Servace asked us to develop a new high-tech and catchy logo as well as a design for their new app. We created a logo that represented the key features and unique selling points of the brand before developing the concept further in the design of the app.

Rocking out this order for food ordering app design

Servace is a tech company with an exciting new product for restaurants, cafes, and other food ordering businesses. The app works within the restaurant itself. Instead of customers having to get in line to place an order for food at the counter, they simply place their order on the app. The app also takes the pressure off waiting staff as they no longer need to take orders directly from customers.

We were asked to complete a number of design tasks by Servace. The first was to design a new, slick, high-tech logo. We were also asked to create the design for the app and the company’s website.

Food delivery app design
Food ordering app design
Logo design for food ordering app

Designing a food ordering/delivery logo

Our designers quickly developed a very specific focus for the logo design that would meet the requirements of the customer and properly represent the uniqueness of the Servace brand. As the logo would primarily be seen on phones, it needed a simple design that was contemporary and stylish. It also needed to represent the key aspects of the brand, i.e., the integration of technology in the hospitality industry.

We achieved all these goals in our final design. It is a unique logo that sets Servace apart from other technology companies and establishes its position as a hospitality and tech business.

Modern illustration for food delivery app
Food delivery app illustrations

Your logo is served

The WiFi symbol is the main focal point of the Servace logo we created. It blends seamlessly with the rest of the design, which has a hospitality industry appearance. Overall, the logo itself is clean, minimal, and clever. We kept this approach when adding the company name under the logo, using a round sans serif font to ensure the transition from imagery to text was as smooth and seamless as possible.

App design NZ

A dash of colour and a healthy dollop of style

One of the ways we kept the logo minimalistic was to use simple black and grey colours, with the grey used to differentiate the WiFi symbol from the rest of the imagery. This use of colour in the logo let us introduce a bright coral colour to highlight the brand in the other designs we were creating for Servace.

Our designers felt this colour was ideal for food ordering / delivery app and website design, as well as being different from the colours commonly used by other companies with hospitality-related apps. So, the design would be appealing, as well as showing the uniqueness of the Servace offering.

Food ordering app UI
When creating a hospitality industry, restaurant, or food ordering app, UI design is of crucial importance to ensure the best customer experience.
Food delivery website design
Food app design inspiration

Cooking up some food app design inspiration

The use of the coral colour was one of the essential features of the UI design we created for the Servace app. We applied the colour as an active icon on the app, as well as on the buttons, giving the app a clean and uncluttered design while also ensuring it didn’t look bland.

The rest of the design flowed from there, with our designers staying focused on both branding and user experience throughout. The end result is an app powered by the fantastic technology developed by Servace, but that also has an attractive and easy-to-use design.

Restaurant flyer design

Creating food ordering/delivery icons and illustrations

Our team of designers working on the Servace project also developed a number of icons and illustrations to match and enhance the branding. These icons and illustrations showcased the technology and highlighted the main features. Importantly, the icons and illustrations also showed the main benefits of using the app.

Website for servace coming right up

The final stage was to create a design for the Servace website, keeping the same look and feel that we developed for the app, in addition to using the food ordering / delivery illustrations. We were also able to increase the use of the bright coral colour on the website to capture the attention of visitors.

Business card for food delivery service
Icons for food delivery website

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