Reel-ing in audiences with striking film collateral design

Magazine spread of a bright and modern design promoting a film

Producing picture-perfect graphics for the entertainment industry

Madman Entertainment is a renowned distributor of feature films, documentaries, and television series in Australia and New Zealand. They approached our design agency in NZ to support them in designing film collateral, including film posters, bus backs, flyers and various other entertainment graphics.

One of the key challenges is always to ensure that the entertainment collateral retains the key imagery and correct formatting of the films being promoted. It’s important to maintain the integrity of the original content while incorporating the necessary information for promotional materials. Our designers work closely with Madman Entertainment to ensure that the imagery and formatting are accurately represented in the collateral, in line with the brand’s guidelines for the various films. Another crucial aspect is the legibility of the text in the collateral. With various formats and sizes, such as posters and bus backs, it’s essential to carefully consider the placement and size of the text to ensure readability. We meticulously craft the film collateral design, balancing the visual elements with clear and legible text, making sure that the key messaging is effectively communicated to the audience.


Pink and yellow collateral design promoting a film
Upgrade film advertised on the back of a bus using black and red design
Faces Places film flyer design for the entertainment industry
Best advert design for a film placed on a bus stop frame

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