Sparking interest from customers with electrical company logo design

Total Electrix asked us to develop a new logo, with a brief that included ensuring the branding was eye-catching and memorable when applied to company vehicles. The designs we created for the logo, vehicle wrap, and uniforms make an impression and clearly establish the company as electrical experts.

Our rabbits were bursting with creative energy on this project

Our Auckland design agency explored a number of design concepts when we were asked to create a new logo for Total Electrix. It is the type of company that has many touchpoints with customers, including when travelling between jobs, so making these connections count was a key part of the brief.

The logo design we developed included an electrician-related wordmark that creatively replaced the letter O in the company name. This creates a focal point for the logo and provides the company with an illustration that can be used as a standalone design. Black and blue were selected as the brand colours.


Simple design of an electrician wordmark logo
Wordmark logo design for an electrician business

Designing the best electric van wraps and t-shirts

Our designers then used the logo we designed to create a new uniform for Total Electrix, with the logo standing out strongly and memorably against the black colouring of the t-shirt. The contrast of the black and white colours highlights the logo, with the blue wordmark catching the eye.

We also applied the logo to new signage for the company’s vans, producing an electrical van wrap design that ensures the company is noticed when out on the road. A black background was used on the vehicle wrap, with the logo dominating the surface area. We also used the blue of the company’s new branding to create a contrasting effect on the van wrap, as well as making the company’s website URL easy to read.

Flat view of a black polo shirt with an electrician logo placed on the pocket space
The lightning bolt design we added to the vehicle wrap makes a further connection to the electrical industry while also highlighting the company's fast response times.
Side angle of a vehicle with signage wrapped around containing logo and branding for an electrical company
Top view of a black and blue business card for an electrical company

Powering up our creativity levels to design new business cards

In addition to the branding, White Rabbit also specialises in business card design in Auckland. Designing new business cards was also part of the brief, with the new logo again dominating the design and creating a memorable focal point. The design of the cards is also simple, allowing the logo and wordmark to stand out.

The contact information is printed clearly in white with large lettering, making it easy to read, and the information is further highlighted by the on-brand blue blocks included in the design.

The branding materials created by the White Rabbit team provide a consistent experience, enhancing brand awareness and loyalty.

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