Constructing a company profile brochure for leading building company

We were asked by top residential construction company, Brendan Murray, to design and produce their company profile brochure. We created a stylish brochure with fantastic images that showcased the company's expertise, skills, and capabilities while also giving info on previous projects.

Laying the foundations for effective brochure design

Brendan Murray Construction provides residential construction services in Auckland and Canterbury. It specialises in high-end new build projects and homes that have unique architectural designs. Our NZ design agency was asked to produce a company profile booklet for this well-respected construction company that properly showcased its skills and capabilities using examples of past projects.

When creating a residential construction booklet, it is important to present the information in a way that is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The booklet should wow potential customers of the company while also giving them confidence in the company’s ability to deliver.


Company profile design
Residential construction marketing is about selling the ability to build a customer’s dream home, so stunning brochure design is essential.
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Building out the various elements of the design

Our designers were given a text-heavy company profile document that included all the information that needed to be in the booklet. We also received beautiful images of the houses and housing developments built by Brendan Murray Construction. Our goal was to present the information clearly in a design that got the attention of readers.

In house construction company booklet design, the images keep potential customers engaged with the text on the page, so the images were the focal point of the design we created. However, we also wanted to ensure the project information didn’t get lost amongst the stunning images. We also used white space around the images to add balance and ensure an uncluttered design.

Marketing company profile

Expert company profile design services

Our NZ booklet designers used a masonry layout in Brendan Murray Construction’s new company profile. This masonry layout included large section headers, images, and bold titles. We used a crisp and clean font with the text placed on black boxes to fit in with the masonry styling.

The white text on black backgrounds also ensured high visibility for the important project information. The result on page after page was a much-sought-after wow-factor delivered by the large, bright, and impactful images, followed by a desire to read the easy-to-find text in order to learn more.

Our booklet design services produced a company profile for this ambitious construction company that is professional, easy to read, and visually attractive, helping to set it apart from its competition.

House construction booklet design

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