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Sleek and modern branding for a cyber security company

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As a leading cyber security company, Cyberstack came to our design agency with a clear vision for their logo and website design – a sleek and professional brand presence that would convey their expertise in the field of cyber security. We wanted to create a cyber security logo that was high tech, modern, and aligned with Cyberstack’s brand values. After extensive exploration of different ideas, we landed on a concept that incorporated three C letters, cleverly stacked on top of each other, forming a visually appealing and meaningful mark. The stacked C letters in the cyber security logo design were designed to symbolise the interconnectedness and synergy that Cyberstack brings to their clients’ cyber security needs. We carefully selected a sans-serif font that conveys a sense of professionalism, confidence, and expertise, reflecting the client’s position as a leading cyber security company.

We helped the client have a strong online presence by designing a cyber security website that had the same professional tone as the logo. To achieve a sleek website design, we incorporated images with rounded corners, giving them a modern and trustworthy appearance. The use of round corners also added a subtle touch of sophistication, elevating the overall design for the cyber security website. In terms of typography, we opted for a clean and modern sans-serif font for the text. This choice not only aligned with cyber security branding, but also ensured that the content was easy to read and accessible on all devices. We applied generous amounts of white space throughout the website to create a sense of clarity and focus on the content. This allowed visitors to easily navigate the website and absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed. With their new logo and website, the client is now poised to provide their customers with the best cyber security solutions.

Business card displaying a sleek cyber security logo placed on a concrete block
Metal mug displaying a ring stack logo mark on the front with blue tones for a cyber security company
Flat treatment of a cyber security web design with a sleek look and feel
Flat design of a responsive website design for a cyber security company
Tiled view of a sleek cyber security website
About page layout with blue tones and professional images for a cyber security business
Services web page featuring modern blue branding for a cyber security company

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