Our bunnies are exhibitionists when it comes to infographics

Nelson City Council was attending an exhibition and wanted to present data on the local area in a colourful and easy to understand way. We designed a series of bright, colourful, and welcoming infographics that were also highly informative and displayed all the essential information that was required.

Statistics, numbers, and data are hard, so we used design!

How do you present population and housing data in a way that is interesting, fun, and engaging? The answer for Nelson City Council ahead of a major national exhibition was to design custom infographics to showcase this information. Infographics allow you to present often complex (and sometimes boring) data in a way that is accessible and engaging.

Infographics are also quick and easy to digest and understand, reducing the burden on readers and helping to get your message across. The team at the council were looking for a top NZ graphic design company to collaborate with, designing their infographics, a poster to go on a display stand and brochures that could be taken away by attendees at the exhibition.


Senior living infographic in framed stand
Infographic for elderly living in NZ

Creating custom infographics to present local authority information

Our team gathered and assessed all the data that was to be displayed on the statistical infographics for Nelson City Council. This understanding helped us plan the layout for the infographics and decide how to present the information as visually as possible. We achieved this, keeping the amount of text on the finished image to a minimum.

The visuals included a mix of illustrations and graphs that helped viewers digest the information at a glance. We also used colours to reflect the brightness and cleanliness of the area the infographic was representing. This was a subtle effect, but it helped make a connection to the community in Nelson City.

Custom housing infographics on poster
We used a variety of methods to represent the information in these infographics, including circular graphs, line graphs, icon charts, and more.
Infographic design in Auckland

Delivering infographic design services that make a connection

The colours our designers used in the infographic added brightness and vibrancy, but they also played an important role in breaking up each section of information. As your eye scans down the infographic, the new colour background tells you there is a new piece of information to digest, whether it was a new section or an additional statistic in the current section. This use of colours makes the infographic easier to understand.

Expert infographic design services in Auckland and around NZ

We presented the finalised infographics in two different formats. This included a large poster design that could be used to get attention at the exhibition. We also printed them as flyers that could be handed out by the Nelson City Council team. If you need exhibition infographics or infographics for any other reason, please get in contact with us at White Rabbit.

Infographic poster design in NZ
Bright illustration of two men for an infographic

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