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Ank van Engelen approached us to help make her vision for a diary-style book about New Zealand beaches a reality. Our designers created an elegant booklet design with a personal feel that also did justice to the stunning locations the book is based on.

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Diarist Ank van Engelen approached us to design a booklet to document and showcase her experiences while spending time at two New Zealand beaches – Mangawhai and Muriwai. They are both stunning locations with magnificent scenery and unique characteristics. Ank has a passion for nature, so this had to shine through in the booklet’s design.

The design of the book also had to be stylish and modern to ensure it looked great, whether sitting on a shelf in a shop, on a coffee table in someone’s home, or in the hands of a reader. This project was a unique endeavour that our graphic design company enthusiastically embraced to meet Ank’s requirements.


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The imagery was crucial to the reader’s experience, so our design enhanced the images and made them the centrepiece of each page.
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A unique and personal adventure in travel booklet design

This was a beach booklet that needed a design that would help readers become immersed in the story and experiences of the writer. Our designers created an overall look that had an unmistakable ocean appearance. It also had a calmness, and it created a feeling of being at one with nature, with the ocean blue colour scheme remaining consistent on every page.

The layout itself is delicate and minimalist, with plenty of white space. There are also subtle design effects to enhance the experience for readers, from the duotone treatment of the images to the line elements added to the title pages. This makes you want to turn the page to see more.

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Presenting the text in the best way possible was essential, too, not least because these were not only Ank’s own words, but her personal experiences of these stunning natural locations. We used an elegant typeface and structured each page to make the text easy and inviting to read.

With the design of the booklet complete, we then put it through a print run to create copies for distribution to various stores. The booklet was printed on high-quality paper with a satin matt finish in keeping with the subject matter and the style of the content, as well as ensuring the best possible reader experience.

If you are looking for modern booklet design services, we can help with your project too. As well as travel booklet expertise, we also have extensive experience creating booklets for companies, product ranges, and more.

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