A logo and packaging design straight out of our creativity oven

The team at Fiji Cookie company asked us to create a new logo for their luxurious cookie products. This project was a bit different from other logo design projects, however, as the logo that we designed would go on to become the shape of the product the company sells.

We create it, they bake it

At White Rabbit, we love logo design projects, but this one had an additional element that isn’t often required by our customers. As with other logo design projects, the new logo we were creating had to represent the brand and appeal to customers. However, the unique aspect of this cookie company logo design project was that the company would then start using the logo as the shape of the cookies they baked and sold.

This meant our designers had to take into account the baking process along with all the other factors commonly considered when designing a new logo. Specifically, we avoided small or sharp elements on the new logo as these could easily be broken off when baked as a cookie. Nothing that the best logo designers in NZ couldn’t handle.

Modern designer cookie company logo
Turtle logo design

The Rabbit and the Turtle beats the tortoise and the hare

In coming up with cookie company logo ideas for this project, our graphic designers in Auckland wanted to capture the essence of Fiji as a tropical country and tourist destination. They settled on creating a silhouette illustration of a turtle developed using simple shapes. This would be the main part of the logo. The turtle is recognisably Fijian, as well as being unique to this brand.

For the company name, we handcrafted the typeface to make the brand even more approachable and friendly. We also used a green and blue palette to capture the image of Fiji as a tropical and holiday destination.

Cookie company logo ideas
When designing this turtle logo, we wanted it to be simple, versatile, memorable, and recognisable.
Branding with turtle logo shown on glass window
Luxurious cookie company packaging design

Cookie company packaging design for NZ businesses

Part of the remit for this project was also to create the packaging for the logos. This is a luxury product aimed at a high-end market, so the packaging design had to reflect this while also properly representing the brand. Given the fact the turtle illustration is central to that brand, it features prominently.

We maintained the same green and blue colour palette in the packaging along with a clean and modern typeface for the nutritional information. We also used plenty of white space on the packaging to make it clean and uncluttered. This also makes it a relaxed design as well as luxurious, so it works perfectly in the Fijian tourism sector.

If you are looking for a luxury cookie company logo or packaging ideas, please contact us at White Rabbit to find out how we can help.

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