Creating a clean e-commerce design for a leading cleaning company

Clean Planet asked us to add e-commerce functionality to their existing website that would enable them to sell eco-friendly cleaning products to commercial customers. We created an appealing design that reflected the values of the brand and ensured a smooth and hassle-free buying experience.

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Clean Planet is a leading brand in the cleaning and maintenance industry, providing services across the country. It is a company that is passionate about creating healthier homes and workplaces by promoting environmentally friendly cleaning processes. It does this through the services it offers, but it wanted to expand to also offer eco-friendly cleaning products that commercial customers could buy online.

The team at Clean Planet asked us to add eCommerce functionality to their current website. The design had to fit seamlessly with the rest of the site while also showcasing the products and ensuring a great buying experience.


Cleaning services e-commerce website design
The products in the Clean Planet range are top of the line, so we developed a design that would let these quality standards shine.
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Cleaning company eCommerce web design services

Our designers worked with Clean Planet’s existing branding to ensure a smooth transition from the website’s services pages to the new eCommerce website design and development. This includes using the colour palette of the brand, as well as the structure of the pages and the common design elements that appear throughout the site. We also used nature imagery to make the connection between the products being sold and the eco-friendly ethos of the Clean Planet approach.

We kept the layout simple, with generous use of white space, while also adding specialised icons. We included subtle animations to lift the products from the page and create a more polished shopping experience.

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Adding streamlined eCommerce functionality to a cleaning service’s web design

Optimising the user experience was an important part of this project too. We made sure branding elements were maintained throughout the full purchasing process, as well as adding clear product descriptions where the eco-friendly credentials of the products could be properly explained.

The large and clear buttons we included in the design help customers through the process of adding products to the cart before proceeding to the checkout, while the variations within each product are easy to select. The result is eCommerce functionality without any barriers and a design that is not only appealing but highlights the key features of the products.

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