Putting our best foot forward with our brochure design

Black and white card designed for a thank you gesture for a retail company

A design collaboration with our sole-mate Andrea Biani

Andrea Biani, a well-known fashion footwear brand, entrusted our graphic design agency with the task of designing thank you cards for their valued customers. Our challenge was to create a design that would be contemporary and refined, seamlessly aligning with the brand identity of the client.

To achieve this, we decided on a bold typography treatment for the gratitude message, ensuring that it would stand out and convey heartfelt appreciation. We also left space for a personalised touch, incorporating a handwritten name to add a special and genuine element to the cards. On the back of the card, we carefully crafted custom retail icons and a visually appealing layout to provide shoe care information to the customer. This not only added value to the card, but also served as a practical and useful feature for customers. In terms of aesthetics, we opted for a combination of black and white backgrounds to create contrast and separation of content. The design exuded a sense of sophistication and elegance, reflecting the brand’s reputation as a fashion-forward and stylish footwear brand.


Thank you card placed on a grey background with light shadows showing a modern design for a footwear company
Interior space displaying a thank you card from a stylish footwear brand
Custom icons designed for a retail thank you card placed on linen fabric

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