Crunching the numbers through illustration

Wall signage displaying cookie jar full of cookie character illustrations

Our bunnies left no crumbs when crafting fun cookie character illustrations

Griffins, a renowned chocolate biscuit and cookie company, tasked our design agency with creating a series of illustrations to be displayed around their office as wall signage and printed on merchandise such as tote bags. It was important to include cultural aspects of the company alongside their statistical health and safely success in workplace.

The first illustration incorporates a waka (a traditional Māori boat) to symbolise teamwork and the idea of moving forward together. This aspect is a nod to the cultural environment of the company, reflecting Griffins’ pride in and commitment to these values. The waka is filled with the cookie character illustrations, to represent the most popular cookies produced. We included their various product logos on the oars, reinforcing the company’s unity and direction, with their targets depicted on the horizon.

For the second illustration, we also used Griffins’ most popular cookies, transforming them into characters to add a playful element. The fun character illustrations are contained inside a cookie jar, accompanied by the iconic Cookie Bear mascot. This setup symbolises diversity and inclusivity, as the cookie jar represents a staple found in homes across the country. The statistics are displayed around the jar and we incorporated a Māori koru motif on the rim. Overall, the illustrations effectively achieve a fun and playful look while communicating the brand values and statistics. They can be carried across materials such as cookie illustration signage, tote bags and screen graphics.

Illustration process of how cookies are turned into custom characters for a company
Illustration of fun characters in the form of cookies on a boat with company statics
Illustration of fun cookie characters on a boat displayed as a framed graphic
Large wall showcasing a custom design illustration of cookies on a boat
Branding for Griffins NZ
Illustration process on an ipad displaying a bear and cookies in a jar
Simple tote bag with an illustration of fun cookie characters for a cookie company

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