Designing a dream logo for a bed company

White logo on an electric blue background for a bed company
Logomark created from the letter B symbolising a bed

Our bunnies rested easy after transforming the letter B into a unique bed logo design

All Beds, a reputable retailer specialising in mattresses, beds, toppers, pillows, and linen, sought our design agency‘s expertise to create a captivating logo that embodies their brand identity – clever, unique, and luxurious. After meticulous brainstorming and design exploration, we devised a concept that encapsulates the essence of All Beds in a simple yet powerful manner. The core of our unique bed logo design centres around the letter “B”, which is ingeniously transformed into a representation of a bed when placed horizontally and rotated 45°. This clever use of typography not only incorporates the initial of the brand’s name but also conveys the idea of a bed, which is at the heart of All Beds’ offerings. The result is a bed company logo that immediately catches the eye and evokes a sense of playfulness and creativity, while still maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic.

To further elevate the brand’s image, we carefully selected a primary colour that exudes luxury – an electric shade of navy. The chosen colour also adds a sense of timelessness, ensuring that the logo will remain relevant and impactful for years to come. The overall B bed logo effectively communicates the brand’s identity and offerings, while also leaving a lasting impression on viewers. With its clever concept, refined typography, and striking colour, the logo encapsulates the essence of All Beds and sets the tone for the brand’s image in the market.


Badges scattered on an orange background displaying a unique logo for a bed company
Business card designed for a bed company placed on a circle orange block
Blue cup showing a bed logomark made from the letter B in an office table setting

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