Designing a new logo and business cards in our creative environment

Environmental consultancy and project management company Consultex asked us to create new business cards and a new logo. We created a design that reflected the professionalism of the brand, with design features to make the business cards stand out.

Our design rabbits consulted to developed new business cards and a new logo

Consultex provides expert services to the construction industry – services that are regulated, so require specific qualifications and a high level of professionalism. They also typically work on specialised construction projects. The company wanted these characteristics of its brand to be reflected in its new logo and business cards.

The design of their previous logo and business cards wasn’t cutting it, so our designers got to work creating a design that reflected the values of the Consultex brand.

Modern logo featuring a purple triangle with a gradient pattern and sans serif font
Clean triangle blue logo design using shades of blue and gradients

We started by modernising the logo for Consultex, making it more impactful. We did this by changing the logomark, using a triangular shape that weaves together to create a sense of collaboration. The rounded corners soften and modernise the design.

We also updated to a more modern and future-proof font, while using a darker colour and bold typeface to make the company name stand out more than before.


Old logo for a consultancy company ready for a makeover


Rebrand featuring a modern logo for a consultancy company

Rounded corner business card with a spot UV effect

The design we created for the new business cards was simple and modern, with subtle but highly effective design elements to attract attention, establish trust, and demonstrate professionalism. For example, we used bold imagery relevant to their industry.

However, we enhanced these images with a shade overlay that matches the brand’s colour scheme, along with angled lines. This creates a striking visual effect on the front of the card and enhances the professionalism of the logo.

Business card design featuring rounded corners and clear spot UV on the front
Business cards featuring spot uv placed on the logo and key image of a lab environment
We used a crisp and modern font for the text on the business cards, again utilising the blue hues from the brand's colours to enhance the design.

Creating photo business cards that get attention

In addition to the logo, branding, and contact details, the new business cards we created for Consultex also seamlessly included the service divisions, providing additional value to the recipient. We used a spot UV effect and printed the new cards with rounded corners to maintain consistency with the style of the logo.

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