A logo design with a starring role

A logo design plays a big role for setting the bar with building companies. All Star Solid Plasterers were aware of this, so they partnered with us. To successfully introduce them to the Hamilton market, we created a simple, memorable brand experience that sets them apart from the competition.

Creating a logo design to rise above the competition in Hamilton

All Star Solid Plasterers, an emerging startup company required a logo design in Hamilton to help them stand out in the building industry, where most players look well established. To successfully launch them to the Hamilton market, we got to work to create a modern, dynamic logo design that connects to their company name.

To complement their new logo design, we designed their company stationery to match, creating a consistent and slick look. This gave new and existing customers a sense of professionalism and quality when they came into contact with their brand. Not bad for the new kid on the block.


Building company logo design

A shiny new vision

Our client’s vision for the logo was to have people think quality when they see it and to establish their business as being the leaders for quality plastering in Hamilton. Logo design is often responsible for giving the first impression of a business. We used gold to represent quality and their outstanding level of professionalism.

The clean, upmarket look helps to articulate their brand message and drive business in their direction.

Progression of a star logo for the letter a
We elevated the brand by establishing a logo design that is thoughtful, resonates with the company name and exudes quality.
Star logo design

Shaping up an effective logo design

Simple shapes are often the most effective building blocks when it comes to developing a company logo design. By understanding the similarities for cross-overs with the star and the letter A, we were able to establish a unique logo that embodies the star icon within the type.

Logo design that puts Hamilton companies on the map

With quality logo design, Hamilton companies have a higher chance of building a reputation and getting noticed. Especially when it comes to competitive fields like building and construction. All Star were already aware of the benefits that professional branding could bring when they approached us looking for a logo design company in NZ. Here at White Rabbit, we still aimed to exceed their expectations and deliver a logo so good that even a task such as handing out business cards, would become one they’d look forward to.

Branding for plasterers business cards

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