Brain and flower logo design made up of neuro and nature

Logo design using shapes to make up a brain

Brain and flower logo design in constant state of bloom

NeuroHealth is a company specialising in neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. They engaged our Auckland design agency to produce a logo to reflect their services of brain health, improvement, and wellbeing.

We crafted a green health logo design integrating the shape of a brain with a budding flower, symbolising new growth for patients and the potential for recovery. This blend of brain and flower imagery signifies the fusion of medical science and natural healing. We selected a calm, natural palette inspired by hills, forests, and moss. The greens evoke vitality and wellness, reinforcing themes of rejuvenation and health. This colour scheme offers a soothing visual experience aligned with the concept of recovery.

The chosen font is a modern serif, combining credibility with approachability. Its soft edges and unique letter shapes add a friendly touch while maintaining professionalism. This ensures the brain shape logo feels trustworthy and inviting to patients and their families. The brain logo design is versatile and adaptable across various materials, including signage and apparel. The logomark also adapts well as an app icon, maintaining clarity and impact in digital formats. All these elements together create an inviting, positive, and health-focused identity for the brand.


Logo design with neutral moss colours in a gradient form for a neurology clinic
Visual process showing the steps to make a brain shape logo on green background
Logomark in the form of an app icon depicting a brain with a notification alert
Hanging tag for a health clinic with green branding and colours
One sheet outlining guidelines for logo design in the shape of a brain and flower
City signage displaying a green health business
Beige shirt displaying a logo inspired by the shape of a brain

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