Letting our creativity out of the bottle to create this new label

Relaxation, rest, and sleep are the focus of this natural health brand. The company wanted these characteristics to be reflected on the bottle of their product. Our designers created a calm design for the new label that also accentuated the brand and displayed the key information.

Setting the mood with modern and creative bottle label design

Sleeping Giant is a drink that helps you relax and get a better night’s sleep. It is inspired by the natural health benefits of the kava leaf, while its name is inspired by the famous Sleeping Giant Garden in Fiji. The company behind this health beverage asked us to design a new label for their bottle.

The new label had to feature all the important elements required in health and beverage product label design, including ingredients, nutritional information, the brand’s logo, and information on the product. Our brief also included setting a relaxing mood with the new logo to reflect the purpose of the beverage and to resonate with consumers.

Soft drink company logo

The relaxing power of nature translated into label design

Our designers took inspiration for the design of the label from the natural landscape of the Sleeping Giant Garden. It is a region in Fiji with rolling mountains and luscious vegetation. We created an illustration based on this area that became the rolling hills background for the new Sleeping Giant label.

For the logo, our designers wanted it to be fun and playful to match the essence of the product and brand. This approach to the logo led to the use of a wavy font, creating a pleasently relaxing appearance. The colour palette was selected to add vibrancy, with the creative and peaceful purple shade complemented by teal, a colour that has both calming and renewal qualities.

Bottle label design for kava drink
Custom beverage label design for soft drink
Label design for soft drink company

Modern bottle label design that resonates with modern consumers

While the rolling hills illustration was a key feature of the label that we designed for Sleeping Giant, it is also subtle to ensure it didn’t get in the way of the key messages. Those messages appear on the label in the form of the logo, marketing text, and nutritional information. We designed these elements to make them easy for consumers to read.

The colours used in the label, along with the text and the rolling hills illustration, combine to create the calm and relaxed image that is the essence of the product. Custom product labels and bottle labels need to resonate with customers, and they need to represent the product. Our designers achieved these twin goals in the design of the new label for Sleeping Giant. Plus, the design will stand out on the shelf.

The label design we created for Sleeping Giant gives off positive vibes and helps to create a sense of happiness in customers.
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Custom beverage label design

Today’s consumers are highly discerning and want products that meet very high standards. This includes having everything from modern bottle shapes and creative, unique label designs. At White Rabbit, we have extensive experience creating labels for products that perfectly match the brand and ensure the product stands out among the rest. Get in touch to find out more.

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