Brewing success with logo and packaging design

Black and white brick style logo designed for a beer brewing company

Bottling brilliance for a modern beer brand identity

Brick Road Brewing is a cutting-edge beer brewing company that is set to make its mark in the craft beer industry. As the company approached our design agency to design its logo and brewing kit packaging, we knew we had to capture their essence, which would be iconic and adaptable. The beer logo design features a bold, modern slab typeface. The words are contained in a sleek black rectangle with round corners to create a brick shape. This is a nod to the company name that will add memorability. The brick shape can be further used as a versatile brand motif to further support the branding.

One of the key features of the logo design is its versatility. The various lockups allow the logo to be adapted to any size and visible on any background, making it a flexible design that can be used across different mediums and platforms. To polish off the design, we designed the hops brick icon to support the brand and be a recognisable mark in the industry.

In addition to designing the logo, Brick Road Brewing also approached us to create packaging for their brewing kits that would be as unique and captivating as their brews. The beer packaging design features a series of illustrations that reflect the client’s adventurous spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries. One variant showcases the brewing process, from measuring ingredients to bottling the finished product, creating an engaging visual narrative that captures the essence of the brand. The vibrant green chosen symbolises freshness and vitality, while the energetic orange represents creativity and innovation. The two colours work harmoniously together, creating a visually striking and memorable look on the shelves with the modern drink logo.

Black wordmark logo for a beer brewing commpany place don top of an image of a hand holding a beer glass
Logo design in brick form overlaying beer in a glass
Black tshirt folded up displaying a brick style logo for a beer brewing kit company
Black and white business cards on a green background with a brick icon displayed
Flat layup of a packaging label showing the beer brewing process
Beer brewing kit packaging on a green background
Modern orange packaging designed for a beer company featuring illustrations
Orange and green variants of packaging with a modern layout and illustrations

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