Crafting a logo that's out of this world

Alien head logo with initials c and b for a chocolate company

Our bunnies helped Chocboi’s journey to the stars with a creative logo design

As a brand known for its galactic and extraordinary chocolates, Chocboi wanted a futuristic logo design that would reflect its playful and innovative approach to confectionery. Our Auckland design agency team rose to the challenge to create an alien logo design that was truly out of this world. The logo mark was designed in the shape of an alien head, representing the unique and unconventional nature of Chocboi’s chocolates. To add a clever nod to the brand, we incorporated the initials “C B” as the eyes of the alien, creating a clever and memorable element within the logo mark. The wide-looking letters of the initials “C B” were inspired by the shape of a cocoa bean, adding a subtle reference to Chocboi’s main source of ingredient. The use of the wide font for the typography added a sense of adventure to the overall design, perfectly aligning with the brand’s identity.

The versatility of the logo mark was also considered in the design process. The alien head logo mark can be used as a standalone brand mark on stickers and chocolate box design, allowing for flexibility in its application across different brand touchpoints.


Logo in wordmark form with a futuristic look and feel for a chocolate company
Alien head logo variants for a chocolate company
Tshirt displaying a logo design of an alien head with C B initials
Chocolate box packaging design with a wordmark logo at the front
Roll of tape expanded displaying circle stickers of an alien logo
Colourful chocolate confectionary in a box ready to send out
Alien style chocolates presented on a scenic background
Instagram profile of a chocolate company that creates futuristic chocolates

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