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Stats Lab asked us to design a new flyer and expo booth that would be used at an upcoming trade show. It is a company that uses advanced technologies to deliver services to customers, so we created designs that were modern, eye-catching, and professional. This would help to attract visitors to the expo stand.

From our hopping design lab to Stats Lab’s expo booth

Stats Lab is an IT company that provides business intelligence, machine learning, and reporting solutions to businesses in a wide range of industries. It helps companies achieve better operational oversight, in addition to enhancing productivity and driving efficiency savings.

The team at Stats Lab was planning to attend an expo to promote the services they offer, so they approached us at White Rabbit to create a tradeshow display and brochure design. Given the cutting-edge nature of the technologies Stats Lab works with and the advanced solutions they offer to clients, the designs we created had to be modern and professional, as well as instilling a sense of trust.

Custom exhibition and booth design for trade expo
We used bold colours in the event booth’s design, with a strong purple overlaying an image to represent the ability to deliver for clients.
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Attention-grabbing trade show booth design

Stats Lab wanted the design of their new booth to attract customers, encouraging them to stop and find out more about the services the company offers. The design, including the colours that we used, helps with this, as does the broken-up border. It is a non-traditional design that reflects the disruptive solutions that Stats Lab offers to clients.

We also included key messages on the expo booth – messages that would resonate with senior executives and business owners as they encounter the Stats Lab booth at the trade show. We also added illustrated icons to make these key messages stand out even more.

Clean modern A4 flyer design

Showing businesses how to improve with creative A4 flyer design

The booth we designed had to draw people into the Stats Lab stand. The flyer had an equally important role, as it had to explain the benefits of the services even further and encourage potential customers to get in touch. The A4 flyers we created for Stats Lab had a design that was consistent with the booth.

This includes the colours, image overlay effect, illustrated icons, and key messages. We also created a layout, where various elements were positioned over the top of others, adding depth to the flyer and demonstrating the level of detail that Stats Lab can get to with the services it offers.

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