The benefits of branding your business

The benefits of branding your business

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Believe it or not, branding your business has so many benefits. It goes beyond just a look good feel good statement. Branding your business creates a story for you while exceeding customer expectations. Kind of like a first date. You wouldn’t go in with a wrinkled shirt or unbrushed hair, or be rude (unless they stood you up). You would give yourself that Queer Eye makeover. Looking sharp, projecting confidence, smelling great and absolutely swoon that special person in the hopes it would lead to many more dates (providing they’re not a psycho of course). The same goes for branding. There are so many benefits of branding your business. Creating a memorable visual identity along with a consistent brand voice is so worth it in the long run. 

What is branding?

Before we dive into the benefits of branding your business, let’s make sure we’re on the same page on what branding means. A lot of people immediately think of a logo when it comes to branding. However, it’s so much more than that. Branding is a reflection of how customers perceive a business. It is both visual and emotional. Some branding components include a logo, tone of voice, typeface, colour palette and the general look and feel. This can be taken across to websites, merchandise, business cards, marketing collateral and more. It’s important that these components communicate consistent messaging and also reflect the business’ values and target audience.

If reading the above has sparked an existential crisis for your business (sorry), just try to remember this truth bomb from Jeff Bezos. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room,” but the truth is, effective branding means there are no “other people” in the process of brand communication.”. Who is Jeff Bezos? He’s the CEO of Amazon, so he knows a thing or two about this stuff.

Benefit 1: Branding gets recognition

Never underestimate the power of familiarity. Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, when customers are familiar with your business and the way it makes them feel, it gains credibility. Gaining recognition is a huge benefit of branding your business. A typical example of this is Coca Cola. We all know that red, the look of the font. Heck, we can almost hear the popping and fizzing sound of that bottle opening right now. No matter what language the label is in, Coca Cola gives us that summer feeling and is recognisable in all aspects. And let’s be honest, it we’d take a Coke over a Pepsi any day.

Branding Gets Recognition
branding example is Coca Cola

Benefit 2: Branding helps you out do your competition

Your brand is what differentiates you in the marketplace. A benefit of branding your business is having a strong brand presence which will give you a head start in whatever industry you’re part of. When it’s done right, a brand can’t be duplicated, and that is a huge competitive advantage. Branding your business, better than any of your competitors will help you sustain that advantage.

For example, Apple (those guys that gave us the iPhone. Not the crispy round fruit). Apple has spent years crafting a strong identity and brand experience that is second to none. It reflects their products, marketing and users. The seamless experience of the Apple brand feels like home to a legion of devoted and passionate followers. You couldn’t pay us to use anything else here in our office.

By establishing your credibility through branding your business, you give your target audience a valid reason to consider you before turning elsewhere.

Silhouette design for the ipod brand
Apple branding for businesses

Benefit 3: Improves employee satisfaction and pride

When you think about who is mostly impacted by your business, you probably think of your customers and consumers. But don’t forget your roots, my friend. There’s another crew who will be impacted by your branding. It’s your current and future employees and partners. Branding has the potential to amplify meaning and purpose. When you communicate your business’ mission, values and personality through branding, it will seem so much more appealing and add a higher degree of pride to those who work for and with you. This is a massive benefit of branding your business. One way to do this is to have a few branded stationery items in the office. Just keep tabs on the number of pens on Margaret’s desk, there’s always one.

Graphic design branding benefits for businesses
Branding benefits for your business

So in summary, branding your business has so many benefits and plays an important role in managing perceptions of your company. Every time you communicate through branding, it is essential to build and reinforce a consistent perception. A design agency can help you to achieve your goals, for not only a good time but a long time. We can help with this by creating a brand guidelines for your business so your branding stays consistent across all your communications.