Ten free online tools to help your business

Ten free online tools to help your business

Ten free online tools to help your business 1220 640 White Rabbit

Starting a business and running it means you have to juggle many tasks and wear a lot of hats. On top of that, expenses can add up and it can be so easy to lose track of everything. Software is expensive and sometimes it’s not worth the cost if you have a small team. Luckily there are so many free tools out there to get your life together. You might be thinking, “who has time to look for shortcuts and top quality management tools? If only someone compiled a list of free online tools to save me time and money.”  Well look no further, our team here at White Rabbit have done exactly that. 

Business tools to use that are free

We might not be able to give a free car away like Oprah but we can promise you will be more organised and tech-savvy after trying out these hacks. Take advantage of these following free online tools to help your business whether it’s marketing, project management, image search or a sweet playlist to get you motivated.

1. Promo

This isn’t your ordinary crop feature. If you’re needing an image resized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or all of the above, Promo will save you a lot of time. Upload your image and it will automatically resize it to 50 required web and social media dimensions all ready for you to download. We can assure you this is a handy free online tool to help your business.

Promo Free Image Resizer

2. Facebook image text check

If you didn’t know already, Facebook’s advertising guidelines include a 20 percent text rule. This means that the text on ad photos cannot take up more than 20 percent of the space. So if you’re creating an ad for your business, this free online tool will help and tell you how well your ad will run.

Facebook image text check

3. Grammarly

If writing and editing is not your strong suit, this one’s for you! Grammarly is a free online tool to help your business sound flawless. Whether it’s an email or business proposal, it instantly detects all kinds of vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation mistakes on your document as well as providing suggestions on how to solve those problems.  

Free grammar correction tool for businesses

4. Trello

Trello is one of our top free online tools to help your business.  It’s pretty much a whiteboard of sticky notes on your computer, but better. It uses a highly visual yet simple approach to time and project management. You can move cards around to different lists/categories and add attachments, deadlines, checklists and endless plugins to suit your business needs. You can collaborate with the people on your team and it’s super easy to use. A great feature of this free online tool is that you can download the app on your phone. So matter where you are, at home, the office or the bathroom (someone had to say it), you can access all your projects and see if you’re up to date with everything. We also love the option of adding a colourful theme too!

Free online tools for businesses

5. Cheat sheet for file types

If you’ve recently rebranded your business, chances are you’ve received a bunch of logo files from a graphic designer with jumbled letters on end without any explanation (guilty). We found this handy cheat sheet for you to print out and stick on the office wall. Just right click, save and print. This awesome online to offline tool will help you understand the different file types out there to help your business look visually stunning.

Different file formats chart

6. SmallPDF

Have you ever received that nasty notification when you send an email saying your file is too big? We certainly have. Smallpdf is an application that performs basic PDF functions such as compressing your large PDF. 

Free PDF converter for businesses

7. WeTransfer

So you actually need to send a large file to someone such as a print file or a massive image that’s too large for email. We Transfer is a free online tool to help your business send files to anybody up to 2GB.

File transfer website

8. Unsplash

Did someone say free photos? This is easily one of the best free online tools to help your business. Excellent high quality photos are essential for grabbing attention and getting your business’ message across. If you don’t have the resources or budget for photography or paid stock image sites, Unsplash is the place to go. You can do whatever you want with their collection of over 300,000 high-resolution images from more than 50,000 contributors. Thousands are added every day so chances are good that you’ll find something to work with.


9. Coolors

Choosing colours just got a whole lot easier with Coolors. Maybe you’re trying to see what colours would work with your brand colours for a poster or what colours to paint your office. Whatever it is, this free online tool will help your business make quick decisions on what will look visually appealing.

Colour palettes for businesses

10. Spotify

This one’s just for fun. If you need a pick me up or to get motivated, listen to some music to get some momentum going in your day. There’s so much research that links listening to sweet tunes and productivity. This free online tool will certainly help your business be more productive and lift office morale. Here’s a great playlist to get you started!

Free music player with green logo design

So whether you’re a start-up company or have been in your industry for years, there’s something for everyone. We know you will enjoy these free online tools to help your business and have zero regrets.