7 ways good graphic design can benefit your business

7 ways good graphic design can benefit your business 1220 640 White Rabbit

7 ways good graphic design can benefit your business

7 ways good graphic design can benefit your business

how design helps your business

There are good reasons why successful graphic design carries off award after award.

Good design speaks. The right logo can be instantly recognisable and play a vital role in establishing your brand’s story and identity. And it’s not just logos that matter. Graphics, photos, illustrations, text, colour, detail, composition – skilled design is made of dozens of individual artistic disciplines.

Design is everywhere.

Design is everywhere. It’s in the images you put on social media, the business cards you present to your customers, partners and investors, your website, your flyers and even your products themselves.

That’s why it pays to get your designs done right. Skilled design can breathe life into your brand, its marketing efforts, digital campaigns and placement on a shelf. It speaks to your customer, informing, explaining, impressing, delighting – and persuading that conversion.

The bunnies at White Rabbit firmly believe that the benefits to good design are as numerous as tunnels in a warren – but Big Boss Rabbit said we had to pick 7, or this article would get longer than a rabbit’s ears! So here they are.

1. It makes you stand out from the competition

Human beings are visual creatures. (Did you know they even have better colour vision than rabbits? And we thought carrots were supposed to give you good eyesight!) That means that the average customer sees your brand before they interact with it.

7 ways graphic design can benefit

That’s why it’s your design that sets your brand’s first impression and helps you stand out from the crowd. Good design establishes your unique personality, intrigues your customer, helps them identify what makes you different and entices them to want to learn more about you.

2. It makes you look professional

High-quality graphic design lends your business an immediate air of prestige and professional credibility. Imagine if Nike’s iconic swoosh had been a shaky line drawn by a 7-year-old on Microsoft Paint – it probably wouldn’t have the appeal that it does.

good graphic design can benefit your business

But it’s not just a cool logo that adds that professional flair. A skilled graphic designer understands how to create a design that’s consistent and recognisable across a variety of media. For instance, that means making sure your use of colour, choice of font and the tone your design sets are all replicated across your packaging, website, logo, marketing material, social media and much more.

3. It helps you communicate information better

Design doesn’t just sit around the borders of your content – it can play a vital role in getting your information across, especially if that information’s complex and technical.

As we mentioned, humans are highly visual creatures. Great graphics – or even entire infographics – are a great way to condense lots of information about your brand, industry or offering into a neat little nibble that your readers can quickly digest. That’s especially useful on smaller screens or social media, where your audience hops from page to page faster than a bunny rabbit!

4. It strengthens your brand’s identity

Visual aids don’t just build up your brand’s image – they also build up your brand’s story. A great designer understands how to use colours, patterns, graphics and more to evoke emotion, resonate with an audience and define identity.

For example, think about the packaging of your favourite snacks – how do those chocolate biscuits stand out from every other box on the shelves?

A great designer understands how to use the littlest things to send consistent messages and reinforce your brand’s story everywhere it appears.

design can benefit your firm

5. It helps you build trust, credibility and loyalty

Good graphic design convinces. A consistent brand appearance will make it clear to your customers that you are about the fine details, signalling that you’re a credible, trustworthy choice (and deserving of their dollars).

How graphic design can benefit your business

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and good design can create an instant connection with your brand’s identity, whether it’s a business card you’re handing over to an investor, your website’s homepage, or your product’s packaging.

That’s what will help your customers shop with confidence and know they’re always hopping back to a brand they trust and admire.

6. It boosts brand recognition

While the quality of the products or services you offer is integral to the success of your business, being the world’s best in your industry doesn’t matter very much if no one knows who you are.

(Unless you’re a super spy 🕵️, we guess?)

the benefits of graphic design

High-quality graphic design can help you build brand awareness, ensuring that all your marketing, branding and packaging efforts effectively convey your core values. Whether you’re trying to market a new product or launch a new brand entirely, good graphic design is essential for helping your customers choose you – instead of your competitors.

7. And it helps you drive sales!

There are few better investments than great graphic design if you want to expand your customer base, boost sales or increase your market position.

Powerful, effective visuals can grab attention within seconds, conveying what you’re all about, convincing a viewer of your professionalism and prestige, help you stand out from the competition and keep your customers coming back.

A skilled, professional graphic designer can devise something that isn’t expensive to produce, easy to print and looks great on a digital display.

A skilled, professional graphic designer can devise something that isn’t expensive to produce, easy to print and looks great on a digital display.

Plus, unique designs sell. A high quality design delivers a compelling message to your prospects, helping boost your marketing efforts and getting you more value for your money.

Here’s the good news…

As you can see, great graphic design can transform your business’ presence. And if you’re looking for a skilled design agency in NZ, White Rabbit is here for you.

Quality design can benefit your company

We’re a hard-working burrow of exceptional bunnies with a great eye for design (and carrots. And well designed carrots.). Whether you’re looking for powerful packaging that helps your products stand out in store, beautiful website pages that transfix your audience or even a bun-derful (oof) business card, we can bring it to life.

Our designers can help you tell your brand’s story, boost your users’ experience and get your target audience hopping into your arms. Just bounce on a call with us at 0800 WHITE RABBIT (0800 944 837) or send an email to hello@whiterabbit.nz to learn more or schedule a chat with us today.