Brushing teeth to a smiley beat with illustration

Series of toothpaste tubes and packaging featuring character illustration and fun typography

Bringing “Brite” smiles to brushers everywhere

We were thrilled to take on the task of creating a playful illustration for the Smiley Brite toothpaste brand. Our goal was to capture the essence of Smiley Brite’s mission – to make brushing fun for kids – through a whimsical and engaging illustration that would adorn their toothpaste packaging.

Our design agency began by brainstorming ideas that would appeal to children and spark their imaginations. After careful consideration, we settled on a concept that featured a cheerful purple toothpaste character with a dazzling smile and playful eyes. The character was designed to be approachable, full of personality, evoking a sense of joy and excitement. We used thin lines and bright colours to make the toothpaste character stand out, ensuring that it would catch the eye of young brushers.

The final result was a delightful and engaging illustration that perfectly captured the essence of Smiley Brite. It brought a burst of joy and excitement to the toothpaste packaging design, making it instantly appealing to kids and encouraging them to look forward to brushing their teeth with Smiley Brite.

Character sketch concept for a toothpaste company
yellow playful character holding a toothbrush
Purple character holding a yellow toothbrush

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