When it comes to roofing logos, we've got the design process covered

There are lots of industries where you see logos that have similar design features. The roofing industry is one of them. Our designers were mindful of this when creating a new logo for Impact Roofing Solutions. The logo we designed is clean, sharp, and unique.

Making an impact and leaving an impression for Impact Roofing

Impact Roofing Solutions provides roofing services to customers throughout Auckland. It has a reputation for high levels of expertise and equally high levels of workmanship. The team at Impact Roofing Solutions came to us at White Rabbit to create a new logo that reflected these qualities. The new logo also had to be modern while demonstrating reliability and robust performance.

We decided to create a wordmark-style logo design for Impact Roofing Solutions, where much of the design emphasis was on the word “impact”. The result was a logo featuring a unique twist on a common element in roofing company logos – roofs!


Roofing logos
Modern roofing logos

Creating a unique logo design for this leading roofing company

Our design agency in auckland removed the letter A from the word Impact, replacing it with a roof design. The roof design they developed is unique in shape as well as where it is placed within the word, i.e., finishing slightly above the rest of the letters to represent a roof on top of a building. The font selected is clean and sharp to create a modern and sophisticated look. We also added red to the design, using it in the roof shape and the word “roofing”.

With the logo now finalised, we applied it to the small business website design we developed. We also created a new letterhead with the logo, and we adapted it for building signage, vehicle graphics, and personal protective equipment.

Vehicle graphics NZ
Settling on a unique design feature (like the roof design replacing the A in this logo) helps bring the design together to create a memorable logo that has an impact.
Roofing company website design
Letterhead design with red and black logo

Designing modern roofing logos for NZ companies

The logo our designers created for Impact Roofing Solutions is powerful, and it makes an impact. It is also unique and modern, plus it has features that represent both the practical aspects and the characteristics of the brand.

Our logo design process can achieve something similar for you. Whether you offer roofing and leak repair services, new roofing and re-roofing services, or specialist roofing services, having a modern and memorable logo will take your branding to another level.

A good logo can also help with your advertising and marketing efforts, whether it is featured on your van or truck, website, flyers, business cards, or anything else. Place your order for a new logo with us at White Rabbit today.

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