Taking on a recruitment wordmark logo

M gradient logo mark on top of a website image for a recruitment company

Creating meaningful connections through a purple M logo design

Mahia is a tech recruitment business that values relationships with their clients. They entrusted us with crafting their recruitment wordmark logo design and collateral. It was important to achieve a contemporary and meaningful identity that would resonate with the business and clients.

We designed the logo to integrate a strong icon with the wordmark. The ‘M’ symbolises coming together, people, and moving forward. It can be utilised as a standalone, becoming a versatile brand device to be used across collateral. The typeface applied is bold, confident, and strong, reflecting Mahia’s formidable presence in the recruitment space. The deep greens represent growth and development, balanced with a pop of purple to give the brand a cutting-edge feel. We evolved the brand by creating a pattern from the letter ‘M’ to subtly reference Māori designs, offering a modern take on a tukutuku weaving pattern as a connection to the collaborative nature of Mahia.

We extended this meaningful design to their business cards and email signatures, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. The elegant recruitment one page website design features sections with light and dark backgrounds, utilising typography throughout. Through these thoughtful design elements, we achieved a contemporary and meaningful identity for Mahia, aligning with their vision and strengthening their brand presence in the tech recruitment industry.

Recruitment logo with the letter M in a unique design for a recruitment business
Logo mark with a stylised gradient letter M in purple and black for a recruitment company
Process of the letter m being transformed into a meaningful pattern for recruitment branding
Business cards designed for a recruitment company featuring the letter M with nice shadows on top
Circle building sign design on wooden panels for a recruitment company
Email signature displayed on a phone in dark mode for a recruitment company featuring purple branding elements
Framed poster showcasing recruitment values in a modern way
Home page design featuring purple gradients and elegant typography for a recruitment business
iPad screen on a table showing an elegant website featuring a stylised m logo for recruitment branding
Flat view of mobile screens displaying modern web design branding for a recruitment business

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