Velvet soft touch business cards in NZ

There are business cards that stand out from the rest, and then there are velvet soft touch business cards. Our velvet soft touch business cards are created using a cardstock called Curious Skin. It is a cardstock that is on a whole other level. The stunning visuals produced by our striking colour range combined with the surface that is as soft as skin produces a business card that is nothing short of sensual.
  • Smooth and velvety to the touch
  • High-quality cardstock
  • Beautiful contemporary colours
  • FSC certified

When it’s time to really make an impact, choose velvet touch

Most business cards are about visual design. Some have features that add textures and other tactile elements, but the visuals are still the most important part of the design. Velvet soft touch business cards break this mould, as they are as much about touch and feel as they are about visuals. The visuals are still stunning, vibrant, and eye-catching, while the tactile surface is sensual and irresistible.

Smooth curious skin business cards

Feels wonderful, looks fantastic, gets results

Velvet soft touch business cards stand out from other options because of the way they feel. So, let’s start with touch and what your velvet soft touch business cards will feel like. Some people describe them as suede business cards, but the touch sensation also resembles silk, velvet, and flower petals.

Purple velvet soft touch business cards in NZ

Designing velvet soft touch business cards

Now move to the design. The matt colours printed on velvet soft touch business cards have a stunning vibrancy, and there is a wide range to choose from. These colours create a premium-standard finish that encourages you to touch, caress, and feel. Plus, you can also add other design features to enhance your business cards even further.

Those design features include foiling to add a shimmering effect to specific elements on your business card. You can also accentuate the design features using spot UV, or you can break with tradition to round off the corners on your new cards. Whatever option you choose, the result will be a luxurious, premium-quality business card that has an upmarket appearance and feel.

Soft touch business card stock

Producing velvet touch business cards involves using specialist cardstock and processes. We use Curious Skin as it’s the best-quality velvet touch cardstock in the industry and comes in a range of colours.

You’ll love running your fingers across the card, and your contacts will too. You don’t have to worry about damaging the cards, though, as they will be resistant to fingerprints and marks. They will be tear-resistant too.

Velvet soft suede business cards nz

Printing velvet soft touch business cards

Our team at White Rabbit has the expertise and experience to create velvet soft touch business cards of the highest quality. Plus, we’ll help you every step of the way, from design to final product. We offer free delivery too.

Choose the colour for your velvet touch business card

We have a range of colour options for you to choose from. If you opt for a double or triple-layered business card, you can choose more than one!

Custom design

Our expert designers will create a tailored design that will make your business card stand out.

High-quality printing

We use the latest printing technologies to create striking colours and the perfect business card finish.

Premium materials

We make all of our custom business cards from the best materials, with quality guaranteed.

Free delivery

Delivery is available anywhere in New Zealand, and it’s free, regardless of your order quantity.

Our clients say we rock

My new business cards are so beautiful. I’ve been handing them out to everyone just to show off! Really great communication too. They got to know my business so they could create something that suits our vibe perfectly!

We used White Rabbit for everything for our business from initial logo designs through to business cards, websites and our first annual general report. They’re even saved under my favourites in my phone cause I call them so much. They’re always happy to help and always make time to talk even when I’m quite possibly being a nuisance!


Thank you so much White Rabbit! They did a fabulous job at designing a gorgeous logo, stylish business cards and user-friendly website that perfectly suits my business. Simon was an incredible delight to work with as he communicated clearly through the entire process and made sure that my dream was fulfilled.


Our process

Our team will get in touch with you to discuss the particulars to be included as well as your preferred card stock from the Curious Skin range.

Working with your requirements and ideas, we will create a design that represents your business suitably, sending it to you for feedback.

The production process requires specialist skills and experience. You can expect the highest level of workmanship when you choose us.

We don’t leave anything to chance, so your velvet soft touch business cards go through a full quality check before shipping to you for free.

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