Pearl metallic business cards in NZ

There is one thing that is for certain – when you hand over your pearl metallic business cards, people will take notice. It’s hard not to! The glimmering, sparkling shine and rainbow colours catch the eye, drawing attention to the important information on your business card while also ensuring you won’t be forgotten.
  • Embedded pearl fibres
  • An elegant finish that shimmers
  • Durable and luxurious cardstock
  • Full colour printing on both sides

Business cards oozing in opulent, classy luxury

There are business cards, and then there are pearl metallic business cards. Do you dare to sparkle? Do you love to shimmer? If so, this is the business card for you. They are made using high-quality and glittery pearl cardstock that is embedded with pearl fibres. White, gold, silver, & many more colours are available, plus you can personalise the design with features like double-sided full colour printing.

Clean and professional silver metallic paper business cards
Bright gold metallic business cards

Business cards with a radiant surface that sparkles in the light

Pearl metallic business cards attract attention, and they leave a lasting impression. In fact, for many of the people you meet, the first time they will ever see a pearl metallic business card is when you hand them yours. What better way to ensure your business card gets noticed?

Pearl metallic paper stock

At White Rabbit, we use high-quality pearl cardstock that is embedded with pearl fibres to create an effect that is unique to this style of business card. The result is a business card surface that is radiant and sparkles in the light.

That surface is smooth and uncoated, making pearl metallic business cards the ideal choice if there are fine details included in the design of your business card. Those fine details will really shine, plus you can use this style of card to make things like your logo or other branding elements stand out. With the right design, the crucial messages and design features on your business card will really pop.

Shiny pearl metallic business cards
Black and white pearl metallic business cards in NZ

Custom pearl metallic business cards

The pearl cardstock that we use is high-quality and thick, adding to the premium feel of pearl metallic business cards. The thickness also adds strength and durability.

As for the design, pearl metallic business cards can be printed on both sides, plus they are suitable for colour printing. You can also choose from a range of other customisation options, including rounded corners. Due to the eye-catching pearlescent finish, these cards are best suited to more minimalist designs with plenty of negative space.

Timeless white metallic business cards in NZ

Pearl metallic business cards printing

We have the equipment, design flair, and printing expertise at White Rabbit to create pearl metallic business cards that will enhance your branding and networking efforts. Plus, shipping is free anywhere in NZ. Order now.

Custom design

Our expert designers will create a tailored design that will make your business card stand out.

High-quality printing

We use the latest printing technologies to create striking colours and the perfect business card finish.

Premium materials

We make all of our custom business cards from the best materials, with quality guaranteed.

Free delivery

Delivery is available anywhere in New Zealand, and it’s free, regardless of your order quantity.

Our clients say we rock

My new business cards are so beautiful. I’ve been handing them out to everyone just to show off! Really great communication too. They got to know my business so they could create something that suits our vibe perfectly!

We used White Rabbit for everything for our business from initial logo designs through to business cards, websites and our first annual general report. They’re even saved under my favourites in my phone cause I call them so much. They’re always happy to help and always make time to talk even when I’m quite possibly being a nuisance!

Thank you so much White Rabbit! They did a fabulous job at designing a gorgeous logo, stylish business cards and user-friendly website that perfectly suits my business. Simon was an incredible delight to work with as he communicated clearly through the entire process and made sure that my dream was fulfilled.


Our process

Ordering – when ordering your pearl metallic business cards, tell us your design preferences and provide the contact info you require.

Designing – we’ll develop a design that uses the pearl metallic style to maximum effect to showcase your message and brand.

Printing – we have special thick pearl metallic card for your new business cards, as well as the latest state-of-the-art printing equipment.

Shipping – We’ll arrange shipping after we complete a thorough final quality assurance check of your order. Shipping in NZ is free.

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