Magnetic business cards in NZ

With magnetic business cards, your NZ business will stay front of mind with your customers, as your brand will be visible to them on a daily basis. Whether you are a tradesperson, takeaway, realtor, or any other type of company that prioritises repeat business from your customers, magnetic business cards are the ideal choice.
  • High-quality, durable magnetic stock
  • Various size options are available
  • High gloss finish for added protection
  • Square or rounded corners

Make sure your business cards stick around after you leave

We all know what happens to most business cards. Usually, they get put in drawers, in a pile on a desk, or in a pocket. Magnetic business cards help to solve this problem for your NZ business, as they are designed to be seen long after you have gone. Instead of stuffing them into a pocket or into a drawer, your customers can stick them up on the fridge in their kitchen or the filing cabinet in their office, making your brand and contact details instantly accessible whenever your products or services are needed.

Dark green and white magnetic business cards in NZ
Pink refrigerator magnet business cards in Wellington

Magnetise your business cards to magnetise your brand

Most households in New Zealand have magnets on their fridge, and the majority have business card magnets. Why? People love business card magnets because they are so convenient.

The benefits of business card magnets

How often have you needed a service, tried to remember the name of a company, or couldn’t find the contact number of the business you wanted to get in touch with? You are not alone. Magnetic business cards solve this problem for many NZ households.

Plus, they are used in business, too, as magnetic business cards are more than a business card. They also act as a billboard for your company, constantly promoting your products and services to your customers, often right there in the kitchen of their homes. This makes magnetic business cards the ideal choice if you want to get repeat business from your customers.

Red and blue magnetic business cards in Auckland

Get your business noticed

How you use your magnetic business cards is up to you. One thing that is for certain, however, is they are even more effective when they have an interesting, appealing, or eye-catching design. Customers will be more likely to stick them up if they like what they see.

Purple custom business card fridge magnets

Promotional magnets and business cards in one

Plus, you don’t just have to use them as a business card. They are a magnet, too, so you can give them away as promotional gifts at tradeshows or as part of marketing campaigns. We can create custom fridge magnets for your company using a bespoke design, giving you a marketing tool that goes beyond the traditional business card.

Modern personalised magnetic business card

Find magnetic business cards online

At White Rabbit, we use high-quality magnetic cardstock to create magnetic business cards. We’ll look after the design, you can choose from a matt or gloss finish, the quality of production will be second to none, and we offer free shipping.

Custom design

Our expert designers will create a tailored design that will make your business card stand out.

High-quality printing

We use the latest printing technologies to create striking colours and the perfect business card finish.

Premium materials

We make all of our custom business cards from the best materials, with quality guaranteed.

Free delivery

Delivery is available anywhere in New Zealand, and it’s free, regardless of your order quantity.

Our clients say we rock

My new business cards are so beautiful. I’ve been handing them out to everyone just to show off! Really great communication too. They got to know my business so they could create something that suits our vibe perfectly!

We used White Rabbit for everything for our business from initial logo designs through to business cards, websites and our first annual general report. They’re even saved under my favourites in my phone cause I call them so much. They’re always happy to help and always make time to talk even when I’m quite possibly being a nuisance!

Thank you so much White Rabbit! They did a fabulous job at designing a gorgeous logo, stylish business cards and user-friendly website that perfectly suits my business. Simon was an incredible delight to work with as he communicated clearly through the entire process and made sure that my dream was fulfilled.


Our process

Magnetic – The process starts with you placing an order for magnetic business for your NZ business. Please provide your info and contact details

We’ll use the information you provide us with to create a design that delivers maximum impact. This design will be sent to you for feedback.

Our printing and production team work with state-of-the-art equipment to bring to life the finished design of your magnetic business cards.

The two final tasks are to conduct a quality check on your new business cards and then arrange delivery. With White Rabbit, shipping is free.

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