Letterpress business cards in NZ

Letterpress is a form of printing invented centuries ago that has long been superseded by modern methods. However, when used to create letterpress business cards, it’s a process that can deliver maximum impact for your business. Instead of the design being inked onto the card, it is impressed with physical force, creating an exquisite finish that feels and looks stunning.
  • Deep impressions for maximum impact
  • Printed on premium cardstock
  • Sophisticated & elegant
  • Luxurious tactile experience

The perfect choice for creating ultra-premium business cards for high-end brands

You have a wide range of options to choose from when selecting the right business cards for your business. One of the most elegant, charming, and luxurious, however, is the letterpress business card. Letterpress business cards have an effortless ultra-premium look and feel, where subtle but unmistakeable quality stands out in a world of gadgets, gimmicks, and noise. Letterpress is the Aston Martin of the business card world.

Modern and clean letterpress business cards in Auckland

Traditional printing method, modern and professional result

Letterpress business cards are unique as they are both subtle and imposing at the same time. They demonstrate an appreciation of quality and traditional workmanship, in addition to design and consummate professionalism. This makes letterpress ideal for clean designs that have a classic, elegant old-world charm.

Letterpress business cards with a custom design

While clean designs are best, there are other options too. This includes the use of colours, plus you can have design elements (such as patterns) where there is no ink at all. Instead, the effect is created by the impress alone. When we create the custom design for your letterpress business cards, we’ll aim to use as few design elements as possible. This prevents the card from being overloaded with information, adding to the elegance. Keep this in mind when reviewing the digital proof of the design we create.

Minimalist forrest green letterpress business cards
Colourful letterpress business cards in NZ

From the old to the new – modern letterpress printing

Letterpress is a traditional form of printing that dates back centuries. Today, it isn’t widely used, as there are cheaper and faster methods of printing available. Its main application today is to create visually stunning printed materials that are tactile and luxurious. The finish is unrivalled due to the crispness of the lettering and its undeniable charm.

As for the process, it has been completely transformed by technology. In the past, it was only possible to impress letters. Today, however, we can impress almost any design, including delicate shapes and patterns. This makes this historical printing technique as relevant today as it was when it was in its heyday.

Multi-coloured ice creams on letterpress business cards near me

Letterpress business cards stock

We use the best thick, premium cardstock to produce letterpress business cards for our NZ customers. These cardstocks are soft and luxurious and have a pleasing texture. The lettering of your business card and your logo is then impressed onto the cardstock, creating a finish that is as fantastic to the touch as it is visually.

White letterpress on grey textured business cards

Letterpress printing in Auckland and around NZ

We will also create a bespoke plate of the design of your business card for use on our letterpress printing machine in Auckland. This is a more mechanical process than modern forms of printing that adds to the uniqueness of the end product that you receive. Plus, we’ll keep the bespoke plate on file for any future print runs.

Order letterpress business cards today

At White Rabbit, we have skilled letterpress printers on our team with experience creating highly detailed and precise letterpress designs. In fact, the work of a letterpress printer is more of an artform than a skill.

Bright letterpress business cards in Wellington

Custom design

Our expert designers will create a tailored design that will make your business card stand out.

High-quality printing

We use the latest printing technologies to create striking colours and the perfect business card finish.

Premium materials

We make all of our custom business cards from the best materials, with quality guaranteed.

Free delivery

Delivery is available anywhere in New Zealand, and it’s free, regardless of your order quantity.

Our clients say we rock

My new business cards are so beautiful. I’ve been handing them out to everyone just to show off! Really great communication too. They got to know my business so they could create something that suits our vibe perfectly!

We used White Rabbit for everything for our business from initial logo designs through to business cards, websites and our first annual general report. They’re even saved under my favourites in my phone cause I call them so much. They’re always happy to help and always make time to talk even when I’m quite possibly being a nuisance!

Thank you so much White Rabbit! They did a fabulous job at designing a gorgeous logo, stylish business cards and user-friendly website that perfectly suits my business. Simon was an incredible delight to work with as he communicated clearly through the entire process and made sure that my dream was fulfilled.


Our process

Order your letterpress business cards, including details and key features you want added into the business card concept.

Our designer will create a concept that is suitable for letterpress printing. We’ll send that design to you for review and feedback.

Our specialist printer will create the plate for the letterpress unit using it to impress your design on thick, high-quality cardstock.

A quality check will end the process. Once completed your letterpress business cards are prepared, shipped free to your NZ location.

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